Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Leaders of the New School - T.I.M.E. 2xLP


Elektra (1993)

Every Wednesday, in honor of Ed Lover Dance Day from Yo! MTV Raps, I take a break from rock and roll to write a little bit about hip hop. In the late 80s and early 90s hip hop ruled my musical life. During this often called 'Golden Era' I discovered so much incredible music. As I am slowly replacing the CDs I've had for twenty-five plus years with vinyl copies, I'm going to talk about some albums that had a really important impact on me during some very formative years.

I was super into the first Leaders of the New School album A Future Without a Past.  "Case of the PTA" was a song that really resonated with me when I used to see the video on Yo! MTV Raps.  Then there was the star making performance by the Leaders on "Scenario."  I was pretty excited when T.I.M.E. was being released and while I don't really have any memories of seeing any videos for it on Yo!, I definitely got the record right away when it was released.

I was very disappointed in it and never really listened to it.  I've just always mentally filed T.I.M.E. as a bad second record and then they broke up.  Within the last couple of years I decided to listen to it again to see if I missed something the first time around.  Well, I missed everything somehow.  I cannot possibly tell you what I was looking for in 1993 that this album didn't deliver because when I listen to it today, it's pretty great.

The production is classic golden era style beats, rich and full of life.  The vocals are stellar from all 2 MCs and while Busta Rhymes certainly steals the spotlight on a pretty regular basis, Dinco D and Charlie Brown constantly prove that they were criminally overlooked on the mic.  This LP hasn't been reissued at all, unlike Leaders' debut, so it took me a while to find a decently priced copy in good condition.  This one sounds amazing and only has a promo notch cut out of the cover, so it will fit the bill admirably for me.

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