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So you want to send me a record to review...

I'm going to write up something briefly regarding this as I have been asked about it several times.  That being said, not that many people actually send me records explicitly to review on this website. But I'm certainly not going to turn down a free record and I encourage you to send something along if you like.

If you want to mail me a copy of your record I will take a picture of it and write a bit about it.  Like any place you would send your record; just because you send it to me doesn't mean I'll like it or say nice things, but that's the chance you take making music I guess.

If your record is coming out on vinyl and CD, send me the vinyl, that's what this website is about really.  I only buy CDs when there is no other option, so I don't really want your CD.  I especially don't want your promo CD that doesn't have full artwork.  If you send that to me, you're just wasting promo copies.  If your record is ONLY on CD and you send me the full artwork copy of it, then yes, I'll give it a whirl.

If it's a tape only release, you can send that, but expect at least 1 line written about how I don't like this punk rock cassette renaissance and how I wish it had come out on vinyl too.  Unless of course what you send is no good; then I'll probably say something along the lines of "I wish this didn't come out at all."

I will not review MP3s because I can't take pictures of them. But if you're at a label and want to put me on your MP3 press list, that's cool.  Maybe I'll like something you send me and go buy it myself.  You can sign me up for this sort of thing at timpopkid[at]gmail[dot]com.

All in all, this website really just exists so I can document my silly hobby of collecting records.  It was never really meant to be one of those new music review websites and I can't imagine it's going to launch anyone's career.  But if you want some folks like me to see a picture of your record, I guess you can send it along, I'm certainly not someone that would turn down a free record if you're offering.

If you want to mail me a record, please drop me an email at:
I'll respond and provide my shipping info.


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