Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr T Experience / Goober Patrol - Split 7"

Punk As Duck (1995)

First off, sorry for the lack of updates this week. Came down with a brutal cold, but I'm back again. I was going through my Mr T Experience 7"s recently, and I realized I didn't have this one. Kind of crazy. I did have the CD version of it that has an extra song by each band on it though, probably why I bought that version back in the day. So I picked this up on eBay for cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for. Sleeve is in OK shape, but the vinyl is pretty beat up. Well, it's a place saver for now. I'll probably need to pick up a better conditioned copy at some point. The songs below are both on this 7", but I believe they're different recordings. All I could find...

The Mr. T Experience - Semi OK:

Goober Patrol - Good Times, Bad Times (Sorry, Myspace was all I could find...):

Friday, March 23, 2012

Young Governor - Pizza Face 7"

SP Records (2012)

A redone version of a 1 sided lathe cut 7" ( ). Coming out on the mighty SP Records out of Japan, this 7" takes the Pizza Face song from that lathe cut and puts it on real vinyl so it actually sounds good. Add on a B-side that wasn't on the original version, and you've got yourself a record that just begs to be added to your Young Governor collection.

Sadly, I can't find either of the songs anywhere to stream, but both are a good time, so you should pick this up if you're into Young Governor or Marvelous Darlings

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gentleman Jesse - Leaving Atlanta LP - Green/White Split Color Vinyl(/100)

Douchemaster (2012)

Let me start out by saying how much I love the 1st Gentleman Jesse record. It was one of the best records I've heard in the last 5 years, just about flawless from start to finish. Leaving Atlanta blows that record out of the water. I almost cannot comprehend how amazing this record ended up being. It's so easy to be disappointed when a band puts out an amazing debut LP. It's almost expected that the follow-up will be just a notch lower. Leaving Atlanta defies those odds.

Right off the bat, the first big and most obvious change is the addition of keyboards to the band, and it is a stellar addition. Mostly in the background, adding to the fullness of sound, similar to how Snuff uses keyboard in their songs. Every song on here is perfectly constructed and tight as hell. From open to close, it's just one perfect power pop song after the next.

Douchemaster was a bit sneaky and put this album on sale in the middle of the night. Luckily I wake up super early for work, so I was still able to score a copy of the limited colored vinyl. It would have been a bummer to have to pay eBay prices for this guy, though I do still need to pick up the regular version on black vinyl as I do collect variants when it comes to Gentleman Jesse records.

Gentleman Jesse - Eat Me Alive:

Gentleman Jesse - Take It Easy On Me:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Cuts - Bishop Eyes 7"

Bag Of Hammers (2010)

After enjoying the Little Cuts 7" that came out on Dirtnap, I picked up the band's 1st 7" on Bag Of Hammers records. I'm not sure if I went into this record with my expectations a bit high, but I definitely ended up disappointed. A markedly lower fi affair than the Dirtnap 7"s, the 2 Little Cuts songs on this record just don't do anything for me. Noisy, fuzzy and kind of repetitive. But that's the deal with records, you win some you lose some. Hopefully any future releases by this band will be more like the Dirtnap 7".

Couldn't find anywhere that would let me embed any of the songs, so I'm going to have to subject you to a Myspace link, you can listen to both songs there:

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Capitalist Kids - Sarah B/W Ayn 7"

Hang Up (2012)

This is the Mr T Experience's cover.
I can honestly say, this is the first time in a long time that I bought a record almost exclusively because of the cover art. In case you didn't know, this 7"s cover is a spoof of the Mr T Experience's Love Is Dead. Had me cracking up the first time I saw it, so I had to add it to the collection. Now as far as the music on it, I'm not sure what to say. It's good, it's very much straight up MTX/early Green Day style pop punk that I probably would have gone crazy for when I was in high school. All these years later, I won't say I don't like it, it just feels a little paint by numbers. Though I will say the title track, "Sarah," is a pretty fun mock-ode to Sarah Palin in the vein of Zoinks' "Uma 14 Times."

The Capitalist Kids - Sarah B/W Ayn 7" (Via Bandcamp):

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jet Black - Escape Measures LP

Self Released (2011)

Here's a buzz word that keeps popping up in a lot of what I am writing lately: 90s. Throwing back seems to be a pretty popular thing these days and as I've stated before, I am A-OK with that. Jet Black hail from Quebec, Canada, but their music hails from 90s alternative land. So much of what they're doing is steeped in that glorious time where halfway decent music dominated the airwaves. I hear some Nirvana here, a little Jawbox there, but what I hear more than anything else is a tight band that really knows how to string a great song together. Escape Measure is an album that brings back those wonderful loud/quiet/loud days of yore.  The only bad thing I can say is the cover of my record arrived damaged, so i have a pretty substantial crease on the lover left-hand corner.  That kind of sucks.

Jet Black - Escape Measures (3 Songs via Bandcamp):

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory 2xLP

Jive (1991)

A combination of Amazon gift cards & this being on sale lead me to finally add this piece of vinyl to the collection. And though the vinyl is new to me, the music is not. I picked this up on CD in 1991 after hearing the 1st single "Check The Rhime" on Yo MTV Raps. I was totally blown away at the time (an interesting side note, when I bought this CD I also picked up Nice & Smooth - Ain't A Damn Thing Changed and a CD by a band called H.A.R.D.C.O.R.P.S - that one didn't last in my collection however).

Since Low End Theory ended up getting pretty famous after they released "Scenario" as a single and it's become one of those critically lauded classic golden era hip hop records, I don't think I need to say a whole lot about it. But I'll say this, at 21 years old, this record sounds more cutting edge and innovative than 90% of the current hip hop or rap music being made today. Good times.

A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime:

A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin Out:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tenement / Cheeky - Split 7"

No Breaks / Let's Pretend (2012)

The past few months have seen a pretty steady onslaught of new Tenement records. I really hope they keep this pace up as I would love more and more 7"s every month. This time out Tenement shares a record with a band that has already broken up, Cheeky. Cheeky supply 2 female fronted, fast paced & pretty aggressive tracks. Can't say they're my favorite and I think the vocals are a little loud in the mix, it's all I hear.

Tenement give us one firecracker in "Blast Exhaust," though the 2nd song of theirs, "Perverse universe," songs like it could have been the theme song of an 80s sitcom. I like that the band genre hops and explores a wide range of music, but if pressed, I will always say I like their fast punky stuff better.

I can't find the Cheeky songs to embed, but if you go here, you can listen to one of them:

Tenement Songs (Via Bandcamp):

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hooper - The Shallows 7" - Purple Vinyl

Hot little 2 song single by a band called Hooper. It appears to be their debut, and I hope it's the first of many releases to come. Hooper show a hybrid of 90s influences, and that's a surefire way to get me to pay attention these days. They've got hooky choruses with big 90s indie rock bass lines and they keep up a tempo and energy similar to the band Sundials. I absolutely love how 1990s indie rock has become a viable genre again. Perhaps that makes me old and out of touch, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Hooper - 100 Acre Slingshot (via Bandcamp):

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs

Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs by Tim PopKid
Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Perhaps this band gets the respect they're due in their home country of Canada, but I can think of few bands that are as overlooked as Bum. In my humble opinion one of the greatest bands to ever come along. They are the perfect mix of loud guitar, catchy hooks & great vocals. Their discography is pretty expansive and some records are particularly tough to track down (I spent FIFTEEN YEARS looking for the A Promise Is A Promise 7") but every record in this picture is worth your time.

If you have to start somewhere, you cannot go wrong with the Wanna Smash Sensation LP. Wall to wall hits. Please listen to this band, you're missing out on something special. This would be a reunion tour I could get behind.

Bum - A Promise Is A Promise7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum - At the Well - Lucky 7" - Clear Green Vinyl
Bum- Go Crazy 7" - Au Go Go - Black Vinyl
Bum - Debbiespeak 7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum - Mrs Rock And Roll 7" - One Louder - Black Vinyl
Bum / Innerface - Split 7" - First Strike - Black Vinyl
Bum / Fifi And The Mach III - Split 7" - 1 + 2 - Black Vinyl
Bum / Smugglers - Split 2x7" - Top Drawer - Clear Red Vinyl
Bum / Teengenerate - Split 7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum & Scott Henderson - Blobs Vol. 3 7" - Way Out - Black Vinyl
Bum / Pingu - Split 7" - Magic Teeth - Clear Blue Vinyl
Bum - Wanna Smash Sensation LP - Munster - Black Vinyl
Bum - I Am Superwoman LP - Munster - Black Vinyl
Bum - Make It Or Break It 12" - Impossible - Black Vinyl
Bum - Shake Town! Recorded Live LP - Impossible - Black

Missing: Nothing. Pretty sure I've caught them all, but as always, if I'm wrong, please let me know.

Bum - A Promise Is A Promise:

Bum - Debbiespeak:

Bum - Your Disciple:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mind Spiders - Meltdown LP - White Vinyl (/200) & Black Vinyl

Dirtnap (2012)

2nd full length album by Mind Spiders who are fronted by Mark Ryan, also known to many as one of the singers in the Marked Men. While the 1st Mind Spiders album was mostly recorded by Mark alone, Meltdown sees the band becoming more of a band, with other folks playing & recording with him.

I think Meltdown is a huge leap forward for Mind Spiders. Though I liked side A of their debut, I felt that side B kind of devolved into a bit of a mess. Meltdown is much more consistent, though you will be rewarded for just sitting down and listening to this record as opposed to having it be background noise. It's the kind of album that sounds best when you are really paying attention to the details. As always, Dirtnap ran a limited to 200 version on colored vinyl, and I was lucky enough to grab one, keeping the collection going once again.

Mind Spiders - Meltdown (you can stream the whole record here):

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Bomb Bassets - Take A Trip With... LP

Lookout (1997)

Another band from the 90's I gave a 2nd chance to recently was The Bomb Bassets. While I didn't have the revelatory experience that I did with Seaweed, I was probably unjustly harsh on this band when they were around. Based on the fact that Dr. Frank for the Mr T Experience was in this band, I picked up a 7" of theirs when it was originally released. It didn't really do anything for me, so I never followed up and grabbed their LP.

Fast forward to today I can say that Take A Trip With... is a good record. Not a great record, but there's certainly enough songs to warrant a place in the collection. The band does best when cranking out straight up pop punk with less successful results when they meander from that format. This record is 15 years old. That's kind of crazy, but even crazier is that Amazon still had a brand new copy in stock on their website. I guess not a ton of demand for this guy...

The Bomb Bassets - That's All She Wrote:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bright Eyes - Vinyl Box Set

Bright Eyes - Vinyl Box Set by Tim PopKid
Bright Eyes - Vinyl Box Set, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Saddle Creek (2003)

One thing that never ceases to be odd to me is how shocked most people are when they find out that I like Bright Eyes ( I get a similar reaction about early Oasis as well). While the Bright Eyes discography is inconsistent at best, there are some incredible songs throughout and I think the band gets a bad rep from folks too cool for school.

This box set came out in 2003 and contains the 1st 3 Bright Eyes full lengths and 2 EPs. Saddle Creek has recently started reissuing these records individually and that has sent the price of this box set plummeting. This thing at times went for close to $300, I grabbed this for way less than it would have cost to buy the reissues separately. Plus I bought it from a mustachioed man that I met at a Starbucks in what may likely be the dorkiest psuedo drug exchange ever. Regardless, I'm happy i got the box set instead of the reissues. It has bonus tracks, fancy art and everything sounds really good.

To briefly discus each album; let's be frank. A Collection Of Songs flat out sucks. It's the epitome of the asshole-in-his-bedroom-with-a-guitar nonsense that sends me running for the hills. I haven't listened to that record since I got the CD for free way back when, and it's even worse than I remembered. Letting Off The Happiness is a gigantic leap forward, and though it's still spotty in places, it shows a lot of potential. The Every Day and Every Night EP is where the band really announced their arrival. There are some really great songs on here, including one of my favorites Bright Eyes ever did; "A Perfect Sonnet." Then we move on to Fevers & Mirrors. To me this is the absolute best Bright Eyes record, and even though it's dark, depressing and borderline whiny, I still love it. Such interesting instrumentation & sounds, plus the version in this box set has 2 bonus tracks. Lastly is the Don't Be Frightened of Turning The Page EP. Not quite as good as Fevers, but still containing some great songs.

I didn't plan on writing this much, but when you're dissecting a 7 LP set, I guess it's tough to keep it brief. Here's a couple of songs:

Bright Eyes - Perfect Sonnet:

Bright Eyes - Something Vague:

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Magnificent - Bad Lucky LP

Dirt Cult/Drunken Sailor (2012)

I'll get this off my chest first, it takes a lot of skill and a little luck to make great album cover if that cover is a picture of your band. The Magnificent did not pull that one off, which is a bit of a shame because the music on this record is top notch. Bad Lucky is an album full of working class UK punk rock. Hints of Billy Bragg, Leatherface, The Clash...maybe a little like Frank Turner, without the pretentious songs about poetry. The songs are uptempo, but at the same time gruff and the lyrics actually have something to say. You'll never think these guys aren't from the UK when you're listen to Bad Lucky. The sound of the record just screams of where they are from, but that's a positive in this case. This is a record that rings true, I really believe the band and that's a very rare commodity these days. Big fan.

The Magnificent - Bad Luck (Via Bandcamp):

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seaweed - Four LP

Seaweed - Four LP by Tim PopKid
Seaweed - Four LP, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
A couple of months ago I was talking about how I was revisiting a few bands from the 90s that didn't do it for me at the time. The thought was that as I have gotten older, my taste in music has matured a bit. Well, I picked up Spanaway by Seaweed (on kick ass green vinyl - and enjoyed it. I wasn't blown out of the water, but I thought it was a pretty good record and made a mental note to keep my eyes open for other Seaweed records. I happened across Four at a good price, so I grabbed it.

I can say without question, I dropped the ball on this band. Four is outstanding. Huge thick guitars. Impassioned vocals. Surprisingly big hooks. What a record. Maybe a bit heavier than I typically like my bands, but this record is still perfect in every sense of the word. My eyes are wide open now, and my quest to pick up more Seaweed records will be pursued with much more vigor going forward.

Seaweed - Losing Skin:

Seaweed - Oversight: