Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Bomb Bassets - Take A Trip With... LP

Lookout (1997)

Another band from the 90's I gave a 2nd chance to recently was The Bomb Bassets. While I didn't have the revelatory experience that I did with Seaweed, I was probably unjustly harsh on this band when they were around. Based on the fact that Dr. Frank for the Mr T Experience was in this band, I picked up a 7" of theirs when it was originally released. It didn't really do anything for me, so I never followed up and grabbed their LP.

Fast forward to today I can say that Take A Trip With... is a good record. Not a great record, but there's certainly enough songs to warrant a place in the collection. The band does best when cranking out straight up pop punk with less successful results when they meander from that format. This record is 15 years old. That's kind of crazy, but even crazier is that Amazon still had a brand new copy in stock on their website. I guess not a ton of demand for this guy...

The Bomb Bassets - That's All She Wrote:

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