Thursday, March 8, 2012

Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs

Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs by Tim PopKid
Collection: Bum - 7"s & LPs, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Perhaps this band gets the respect they're due in their home country of Canada, but I can think of few bands that are as overlooked as Bum. In my humble opinion one of the greatest bands to ever come along. They are the perfect mix of loud guitar, catchy hooks & great vocals. Their discography is pretty expansive and some records are particularly tough to track down (I spent FIFTEEN YEARS looking for the A Promise Is A Promise 7") but every record in this picture is worth your time.

If you have to start somewhere, you cannot go wrong with the Wanna Smash Sensation LP. Wall to wall hits. Please listen to this band, you're missing out on something special. This would be a reunion tour I could get behind.

Bum - A Promise Is A Promise7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum - At the Well - Lucky 7" - Clear Green Vinyl
Bum- Go Crazy 7" - Au Go Go - Black Vinyl
Bum - Debbiespeak 7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum - Mrs Rock And Roll 7" - One Louder - Black Vinyl
Bum / Innerface - Split 7" - First Strike - Black Vinyl
Bum / Fifi And The Mach III - Split 7" - 1 + 2 - Black Vinyl
Bum / Smugglers - Split 2x7" - Top Drawer - Clear Red Vinyl
Bum / Teengenerate - Split 7" - Lance Rock - Black Vinyl
Bum & Scott Henderson - Blobs Vol. 3 7" - Way Out - Black Vinyl
Bum / Pingu - Split 7" - Magic Teeth - Clear Blue Vinyl
Bum - Wanna Smash Sensation LP - Munster - Black Vinyl
Bum - I Am Superwoman LP - Munster - Black Vinyl
Bum - Make It Or Break It 12" - Impossible - Black Vinyl
Bum - Shake Town! Recorded Live LP - Impossible - Black

Missing: Nothing. Pretty sure I've caught them all, but as always, if I'm wrong, please let me know.

Bum - A Promise Is A Promise:

Bum - Debbiespeak:

Bum - Your Disciple:


  1. Hi Tim.
    My name is Rob Nesbitt and I am one of the songwriter's for BUM.
    I'm amazed by your collection--A Promise Is A Promise verges on Misfits territory for rareness!--and am flattered you'd take the time to collect them and say such nice things.

    I see one record that is missing right away and that is a late release--also on Magic Teeth records--for an unreleased song called 50/50.
    The cover art is also by Pat McEowan who did Promise, Smash, Go Crazy etc...

    The "Debbiespeak" you have is the second cover version. The original had a red arrow with orange/yellow logo in it.

    There are vinyl variations as well--but that's nit picky.
    For instance the rarer version of "At The Well" is black vinyl, I think.

    I can try and get you a copy of the 50/50 record if you'd like. **no charge of course--you've done enough!**
    Email me at:

    As a side not I am currently working on a solo record that, if you are a fan of BUM, I think you will really like. It's been 16 years in the making!!

    Thanks again for being a fan.

    1. Rob,
      I know this is an old post but maybe you could help me.
      I have a friend who is looking for a song titled "Dead Girl" by bum and I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE!! Would you be able to help me find it please? It would really make her day!!!!

  2. Hi Tim

    Please, join us.

    Amazing collection!

  3. By the way, guess who's going to a RFTC gig in a couple of days ;)