Friday, March 29, 2013

Impo & The Tents - Going To The Moon 7" - Pink Vinyl (/100)

Ptrash (2012)

Despite the silly band name, Impo & The Tents sure have caught my attention in a good way with this 3 song 7". I picked it up for being part of the Ptrash club (which gives me access to rare versions of all of the records they put out, in this instance it scored me the pink vinyl version), but didn't really have any prior knowledge of the band. Now I'm digging around the internet, trying tto see if I can grab any of their other records domestically.

The band plays a poppy strain of garage rock, with fast herky jerky guitar riffs and high pitched vocals. The songs are so easy to listen to that they just whiz by. All three had me nodding my head and tapping my toe without me realizing I was even doing it. I love the garage bands that understand the value of a hook. So many bands are masking their songs in pretentious psych and noise, but Impo & The Tents are unabashedly pop. That's A-OK in my book.

Impo & The Tents - Going To The Moon 7":

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Walt Mink - Miss Happiness LP

Quigley (1992)

After I got the recent Survival Knife 7", it prompted me to go back and listen to Unwound again. That got me thinking about my friend Pat from high school. Though I only speak to him once every couple of years these days, Pat has the distinction of being the only person from high school that I still speak to. Pat was my friend that listened to the punk & indie bands that most of my other friends didn't like (I say most of them, I'm just generalizing). Pat was the one that liked Unwound. Pat was the guy that got me into The Karl Hendricks Trio and another band I remember Pat liking was Walt Mink.

At the time, Walt Mink must not have done anything for me. Though I remember the name, I have no memory of what I thought of the band's music. I'm sure Pat must have played them for me, but I didn't care for it and then just moved on with my life. Since I've been re-listening to so many bands from the 90's that I missed out on the first go around, I figured it's time to give them a second shot.

This band is so quintessentially 90's. I almost don't know how else to describe it. The fuzzy treble heavy guitar riffs, tons of leads and solos, high pitched vocals that are borderline laid back and soothing at times. It's a pretty fun and dynamic record and I just can't imagine it being made at any other time. I haven't checked out any of their other records yet (No one wants to OD on Walt Mink), but I like this record more than enough to give the rest of their discography a try.

Walt Mink - Miss Happiness (YouTube playlist of the whole album):

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Men - New Moon LP - Screened Cover (/350)

Sacred Bones (2013)

Last year the song "Open Your Heart" by The Men was one of the 2 or 3 best songs I heard all year. It was enough to make me pick up their 2012 full length. It was so good they I just had to hunt down the limited version of that album as well. The entire record was good, but I definitely gravitated towards their poppier fare. When I heard they were already putting out another full length, I was surprised about the quick turnaround, but anxious to hear more from the band.

New Moon is another move into a newer direction for the band. Definitely more pop in places and some really, really outstanding songs. It also marks the band pursuing some rootsy, country leaning songs that, for me, aren't as successful. I can't think of a single band that started drifting into country that stayed as good as the were when they were bringing the rock. That being said, The Men do it better than most.

At the end of the day, it's only a few songs and the vast majority of the album is even stronger than last years. There's no blow away hit for me like "Open Your Heart," but top to bottom it's a better record.

The limited to 350 copies version was only sold through the Sacred Bones website. It's the regular version of the album with an additional wrap around screened cover. I'm fairly confident that it's actually made of wallpaper or shelf lining paper. Something like that anyway, but it looks cool and I have seen other folks with different variants for this record. The one I have is certainly the most colorful and the one I like best, so that worked out for me.

The Men - Electric:
The Men - I Saw Her Face:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heavy Vegetable / Powerdresser - Split 7" - Clear Vinyl

Goldenrod (1993)

Another 20 year old record. It's really nutty how fast time flies by. I'll have to say, at the time of release I really would have never been too into these bands. They're both pretty low tempo and quiet; no distortion or shouting. Probably wouldn't have been enough to get me excited back then. As the years have gone by I've grown an appreciation for some of the more mellow fare out there, so I decided to grab this 7" when i came across it in a used bin.

Heavy Vegetable is a pre-Pinback Rob Crow band and you can certainly see the similarities. Intricate guitars and what not, but I do think the song on this record lacks some of the hooks he was able to write in later years. Powerdresser is actually kind of similar, quite mellow, 90% instrumental, but a decent enough little song. Can't say I'll likely play this 7" much, but I'd probably stick the Heavy Vegetable song on a mixtape if I was still making those (which I'm not because cars don't have tape decks anymore...)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Pest Band - Smash Hits [2008 - 2011] LP

Snuffy Smiles / Dead Broke (2013)

Singles compilation from one of my favorite current Japanese punk rockers; Your Pest Band. This LP compiles all of their 7"s, Split 7"s, compilation and cassette appearances. Being a big Snuffy Smiles nerd, I did have the bulk of the original records that make up this collection, but even I didn't have the songs on here from a split cassette the band did.

This band just exudes energy, nothing they do is done half way. They barrel through their songs, somehow playing everything with amazing precision, yet sounding like they could come off the rails at any second. It's a rare skill.

My picture is the Snuffy Smiles version sold in Japan (Thanks to my buddy Yuki for picking it up for me), but this was also released in America by Dead Broke Rekerds. The Dead Broke version has a different fancier cover that I do need to pick up, but I have a complete Snuffy Smiles vinyl collection that I need to keep complete. Considering how difficult it has been for me to keep track of Snuffy Smiles records over the year, it's great that if you're after the music, you can pick it up domestically from a label that's really been putting out some fantastic records.

Your Pest Band - Smash Hits [2008 - 2011] LP:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Thermals - No Culture Icons 7"

Sub Pop (2013)

Here's a little Saturday bonus. I know I don't usually post anything on Saturday, but this is just a brief extra. When you ordered any of the new Thermals reissues direct from Sub Pop, they also sent out a reissue of the 1st Thermals 7". 2 Tracks from More Parts Per Million and 2 unreleased. One of the unreleased is the song I think they should end every show with: Everything Thermals. It's the best song ever written that has a band's name in the song.

From what I read I think originally Sub Pop was going to send out 1 of these 7"s for each reissue bought. It's good they only sent me one, know clue what I would have done with 3 of these.

The Thermals - Everything Thermals (Live):

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Thermals - The Body The Blood The Machine LP - Orange Vinyl

Sub Pop (2013)

The 3rd of the Thermals Sub Pop LPs up for reissue is The Body The Blood The Machine. This is the record that really seemed to garner them the attention that they deserved from the very beginning. This was the turning point where I started to notice a lot more people at their shows. Oddly, it's my least favorite record of theirs.

It's not to say it's bad, it's not at all. In fact some of the songs are downright amazing. My big beef with it is that this album seems to lack the punch of the first two. They were in flux as far as having a drummer went during this time and I think it cost them some of the energy and drive of the 1st two releases. Again, still a top notch record and it's actually improved with age for me.

The reissue, like the others, sounds great and I think they did a really nice job matching the vinyl color to the artwork for all 3 albums. It's good that these are back in print and anyone without them already in their collection really needs to rectify that problem. Even if you already had all 3 like I did, this is a band I deem 100% worthy of variant hunting.

The Thermals - Pillar Of Salt:

The Thermals - Power Doesn't Run On Nothing:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Thermals - Fuckin A LP - Blue Vinyl

Sub Pop (2013)

This is the new reissue of the 2nd Thermals album on Sub Pop. Like the More Parts Per Million reissue it sounds and looks great, though I see no real difference in sound from my original pressing. But the vinyl looks really sharp and it's great that the record is finally back in print again for those that don't have the original.

I loved Fuckin A just as much as More Parts Per Million. I very clearly remember the very first time I heard it. Sitting in my apartment at the time that was in Jersey City, starting up the music and listen so intently. I was more than a little concerned that they'd let me down with their 2nd record, so many bands do, but Fuckin A hit it out of the park again.

The fidelity is a bit higher, but the songs are still loud, fast and angry. The hooks are incredible, but so unorthodox. There aren't a ton of bands that can pull off what The Thermals managed on their 1st two albums. Just like I said yesterday, this record also sounds just as incredible today as it did when I first heard it. Absolutely essential.

The Thermals - Our Trip:

The Thermals - A Stare Like Yours:

The Thermals - Forward:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Thermals - More Parts Per Million LP - Red Vinyl

Sub Pop (2013)

When More Parts Per Million came out in 2003, I was doing radio promotion as my day job. We received a package of upcoming releases from Sub Pop and my co workers and I were going through them. Everything sounded OK to me, but nothing was really standing out. Until The Thermals came on. I was immediately drawn to the energy & intensity of their songs. What a lo fi pounding masterpiece of a record. I was completely floored.

The first time I saw The Thermals play was at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, they played to about 8 people, 4 of which were from my office. Back then they were a 4 piece with Hutch only singing. They were so, so great. I just lost it at these shows. I saw them play at MacRock, I saw them play at SXSW, I saw them play every single chance I could. They got better and better every time and the crowds got bigger and bigger as well.

It all started with More Parts Per Million for me. A record that sounds just as fresh and exciting as it did the first time I heard it. The new reissue on Sub Pop sounds great and looks fantastic. Sure, I've had the 1st pressing of the LP forever, but I'm just a sucker for colored vinyl, especially for a record that I love as much as I love this one. If you don't have this record you're a fool, they don't get much better.

The Thermals - No Culture Icons:

The Thermals - I Know The Pattern:

The Thermals - God Damn The Light:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spatula - Radio Helmet 7"

Spatula - Radio Helmet 7" by Tim PopKid
Spatula - Radio Helmet 7", a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
The Now Sound (1994)

Spatula were kind of a middle of the road indie rock band for me. They came from that fertile Chapel Hill scene that spawned so many of my all time favorite bands that I guess it probably didn't do them any favors living in shadows that big. Spatula hang out on the more mellow side of the rock spectrum, though they can get loud and fuzzy when the need arises. The 3 songs on this 7" are all good, but not great. The A-side in particular kind of feels like it just goes on forever. I have another 7" of theirs, a split with a band called Evil Wiener that is much better, but this is still a nice trip back to the 90's.

Spatula - Radio Helmet:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeffrey Novak - I Never Knew So Much 7" - Purple Vinyl

Matador (2013)

This 7" is the first installment of the Matador Records 2013 singles club. Limited to 700 subscriptions, this one on purple vinyl. There should be 11 more of these guys coming in and I'm especially keen on the next one due, which is a new Superchunk 7".

Jeffrey Novak is someone I was not particularly familiar with going into this series. The 2 songs on this single tend to veer into the dissonant guitar, kind of spoken word-y fare that reminds of Shellac a bit, but no where near as interesting. For my taste, it's a bit of a dud as far as the first release goes, but there are many bands coming in the future of this series that will be right up my alley. Sorry, couldn't find either song streaming.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gleam Garden - Brilliant Nightmare CD

Perfect Music (2012)

I am very passionate about music and buying records. I truly love individual bands like Rocket From The Crypt, Snuff, Leatherface, Him Kerosene, Broccoli, Bum, Pavement and far too many more to attempt to name. There have been geographical regions that have produced so many great sounds; Ottawa is currently going through this. The UK punk from the mid 90's, San Diego has had it's moments. But there's no scene or area in the world that makes me love music more than the melodic punk that comes out of Japan. Based around the Snuffy Smiles label, there has just been amazing band after amazing band coming out of Japan for DECADES. I feel like I'll never truly be able to explain it, but these bands are just so exciting to me. One of these great bands is Gleam Garden.

They started out the way so many punk bands from Japan do, releasing 7"s on Snuffy Smiles records. Then they had a Mini CD LP a few years ago and finally they have a proper full length called Brilliant Nightmare. I'm not familiar with the label it's been released on, Perfect Music, but it seems probable that it's a large indie or maybe a major label subsidiary out in Japan. No matter what the label is, they've released a killer record.

If you like the sort of melodic punk that bands like Lovemen or Blew were pushing out in the 90's, this is a record for you. They're more melodic that some of their current counterparts and can just craft songs like nobody's business. Vocals come out in the sort of raspy Leatherface-ish yelp that I just love, but it never feels like you've being yelled out. The melodies pushed through that gruff delivery just carry the whole album.

The CD is a bit of a pain to get here in America and I want to give thanks to my pal Yuki from SP Records in Japan for helping me find a copy (Along with a bunch of other great records that I'll be taking pictures of soon). I've actually had MP3s of this album for a while, but I never feel like I truly own the record until I have that CD or LP in my hands. Speaking of which, some label out there really needs to step up to the plate and put this record out on vinyl. You'd be doing the world a great service.

Gleam Garden - This:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Masked Intruder - First Offense 7" - Pink Vinyl (/250)

Hang Up (2013)

This is the repress of the long out of print and obscenely in demand 1st 7" by the band Masked Intruder. I had the box set version of the first pressing ( but was so innundated with offers to buy it, I eventually sold it this past January for $100. At the time I felt that was a pretty crazy amount to pay for the 4x7" set. that I paid $12 for Little did I know a month later people would start selling individual colors of the 1st press for $150 EACH on eBay. I don't regret the sale and again, made way more money on it than I think is warranted, but part of me really wonders how much the box set could have sold for.

Anyway, the reason I sold the set was because I knew a repress was coming out. I love collecting records and as you all know I'm a pretty big variant nerd, but don't and can't collect every variant for every single band I like. You've got to pick your battles and as much as I like Masked Intruder, they didn't quite make the nerd cut off. As per my last review, this 7" is still fun, but I still don't like the song "Stick Em Up." The pink vinyl version is sold out (and has already sold for truly stupid amounts of money on eBay), but last check the label still had the black vinyl version if you're looking.

Masked Intruder - First Offense:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collision - Tiebreaker 7" - Yellow Vinyl

Speedowax (2012)

I've had this 7" sitting around for a little bit. My buddy Rich from Speedowax records sent it to me along with a ton of Broccoli 7" variants that I bought from him. I kind of just let it sit because frankly, I've never had much luck with freebie stuff thrown into an order. Well, I've finally taken a listen and I've got to say, this may be the best freebie ever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is the greatest record in the world, but considering how I came across it and my usual angry old man vibe, I'm just so pleasantly surprised. Collision play fast, really fast. They definitely lean towards bands like Lifetime on the pop punk scale. Though Lifetime was never one of my favorite bands, Collision play with catchy enthusiasm and I'm particularly caught by the vocals and how clean & strong they sound.

It's pretty nice to be surprised by a record like this. I encourage all labels to throw in some extra nonsense to check out when I buy something from them!

Collision - Tiebreaker 7":

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart - Split 7" - Yellow Vinyl (/100)

All In Vinyl (2012)

2nd 7" from the All In Vinyl 7"s series year 3. As mentioned before, I love subscription 7" series, getting to try out new bands, getting limited 7"s by bands you already like. It's just a good time. The yellow vinyl version of this particular 7" was limited to 100 copies and only available to subscribers. You can get a different color of vinyl just ordering the single 7" direct from the label if you want to get a copy on its own.

The 2 bands on here are both bands I'm not familiar with. They're both playing gruff, melodic pop. Considering the distance that separates the 2 bands it's actually quite remarkable that both sound so similar. They're the sort of bands that obviously find inspiration from the likes of Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms and to some extent Hot Water Music. Arms Aloft seem to be taking a more straight ahead approach to their punk while Leagues Apart are exploring bouncier guitar riffs and change-ups.

Both bands are good, but I don't know if I'm inspired enough to track down more records by either band.  I feel like if I saw another 7" by one of them in a distro while I was placing an order I'd take a shot at it, but we'll see when the time comes. Still, if bands playing this kind of punk rock is your cup of tea, I can't imagine you'd be disappointed with this 7".

Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart - Split 7"

Monday, March 11, 2013

Green Day - Uno LP (Pink Vinyl), Dos LP (Blue Vinyl) & Tre LP (YellowVinyl)

Reprise (2012/2013)

Green Day is still a band that I hold pretty near and dear to my heart. Despite the fact that they constantly have pushed the envelope into territory that I don't want to hear, I'll never completely be able to let go of the band that wrote "2000 Light Years Away." This 3LP set, released over a span of several months was billed as Green Day returning to form. After meandering with American Idiot and releasing the god awful 21st Century Breakdown, I was hopeful that Green Day would release an album with some pop-punk songs on it.

In general, they succeeded. Over the course of these 3 albums are some of the best songs that the band has released in over a decade. Unfortunately they also contain some of the worse. Each record was presented under the guise that they would represent different styles of music. These differences are subtle at best. I can't see any sort of thematic element that differentiates one from the other. I'm not sure the band does either as they moved one of the songs "Drama Queen" from the 2nd album to the 3rd album during production. The CD and Digital buyers saw that change. On vinyl, you get the song twice, once on Dos and once on Tre. Plus the song Stray Heart is omitted completely.

What really strikes me on these records are the lyrics and how terrible they are in places. I can't understand why Billie Joe would need to write so many songs just littered with swearing. It's not clever and the last thing I really want to hear is a 73 year old (or however old Billie Joe is these days) singing about how it's "Fuck Time." Their lyrics were not this juvenile 20 years ago,

Hot Topic (I know, I know) was the only place you could pick up the colored vinyl variants of these records. Uno and Dos were limited to 1500 copies. Tre was limited to 1000. If you can say the words limited in the same sentence as a pressing run that large.

You really could cobble together the best Green Day record in an age by plucking the best off of each album for a greatest hits deal. But the sheer amount of songs over these 3 albums makes it impossible to not have an awful lot of filler (or a lot of awful filler, either works). Green Day works best when they're cranking out simple pop-punk. Their constant desire to do something epic and sprawling is what's keeping them from being that band that I'm still trying to hold dear.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Survival Knife - Traces Of Me 7"

Sub Pop (2013)

In the early 90's I was really into the noisy indie rock scene that was kicking around the northwest. You could have checked my collection and found records by bands like Fitz Of Depresiion, Karp & godheadSilo. What you would have also found is a handful of Unwound records. As I got older, I tended to drift towards the poppier side of things and so many of those bands imploded that it was just time to move on. Some of those records I look back at and wonder what was I thinking.

Recently I've be relistening to Unwound; those are records that have held up pretty well. It's a shame I pruned a lot of them from the collection many moons ago. They're going to have their catalog reissued soon, and I will definitely be picking up their early albums again. That brings us to Survival Knife, featuring ex members of Unwound.

Unwound was a band that I liked less as their records progressed. They got less noisy, less edgy and more atmospheric. Not my cup of tea. Survival Knife takes a welcome step backwards and serves up 2 songs of noisy, crunchy indie rock. This is the type of stuff I miss from Unwound. Though there's a darker dissonant vibe, they really manage to sneak a few hidden hooks in there as well. A strong debut and I'm eager to hear more.

Survival Knife - Traces of Me (Live):

Survival Knife: Name That Tune:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adam Widener - Gimmee Gimmee Scientific Stuff 7" - Red/Blue Split ColorVinyl

Sexy Baby (2012)

Full disclosure, this is the very first record that someone has ever sent me just to review on this website. I've had quite a few people ask in the past, but no one ever followed through before, so cheers Adam. This is Adam Widener's 2nd 7" from what I can gather.  Prior to this he served time in a band I was quite fond of; Bare Wires. Widener's solo work has him dabbling in the lower-fi, bedroom power pop world, with strong results.

Immediately, I think that this is the type of record bound to appeal to fans of other treble merchants like Nobunny or Shannon & The Clams. The songs are tight, with high pitched distorted vocals. Me personally, I could use a bit more bass to the equation, but the songs are strong enough to hold up without the increased low end.

The packaging would have been one of the coolest things I'd seen in a while if it had just worked out a bit differently. 3D cover with Red/Blue translucent vinyl. The plan was to be able to look through the record and see the 3D cover. Sadly the vinyl is just a bit too opaque, but still a pretty clever idea that was worth taking a shot at.

Adam Widener - Gimmee Gimmee Scientific Stuff 7":

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stay Clean Jolene - Green 7"

Drunken Sailor / Just Say No To Government Music / Eager Beaver / Rad Girlfriend (2013)

My first thought before listening to this 7" is "really, 4 labels all need to co-release one 7" record?" Then I listen to it and wish I could have gotten the PopKid logo on there too. What a debut. Leatherface-ish/Broccoli-ish UK punk rock. Gruff, but smooth vocals, dynamic guitar work, great hooks. Please someone confirm for me that they're working on a full length.

This is pretty much everything I look for in a punk rock band, and really takes me back to the glory days of the UK scene when it was populated by the likes of Chopper & Hooton 3 Car. If those types of bands strike your fancy or if you are someone that enjoys the punk rock that Snuffy Smiles puts out, this 7" should be the next thing you pick up. From whichever label is closest to you.

Stay Clean Jolene - Green 7":

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What-A-Night's - S/T LP - Black Vinyl & Red Vinyl (/60)

Snuffy Smiles / Drunken Sailor / Rad Girlfriend (2013)

Vinyl version of one of my absolute favorite record of 2012. The band originally self released this album themselves in Japan. 3 labels were not content with that, 3 labels stepped up and did the right thing. 3 labels made sure this was archived on the best music format. My hat is off to all of them. It makes me absolutely giddy every time I get to see the Snuffy Smiles label on a record these days. Sure it's not as frequent as it once was, but it's a warm, comforting feeling for someone that had been buying records on that label for nearly 20 years.

Musically, I'll repeat what I said about the CD. If you like any of the usual suspects on Snuffy Smiles; Blew, Blotto, Minority Blues Band, The Urchin, etc...this is a must buy. I've always felt that Japanese bands have a remarkable talent of taking melodic punk rock and really elevating it. What-A-Nights, in particular, really have mastered this art and I just can't say enough good things about the record.

The best thing about this is that if you live in America, you can get it domestic from Rad Girlfriend. Europe? Drunken Sailor is there to help and of course Snuffy Smiles is holding down Japan as usual. There were only 60 copies on red vinyl split amongst the 3 labels, so if that's your sort of thing, you best pick it up quickly.

What-A-Nights - S/T (Full Album Stream):

Monday, March 4, 2013

Record Store Visit: Earwax - Brooklyn, NY - 03/02/13

I hardly ever go into Brooklyn. Being from New Jersey, it just tends to be a real pain. The only times I really ever go is to go to a show that I absolutely can't miss. Well, one of those shows popped up this weekend so I ventured out into the wilderness to go see The Night Marchers, Dan Sartain & Mrs. Magician at at a place called Glassland Gallery. On my way there, I passed a record store on Bedford Avenue and thought it was worth stopping in.

Earwax is a pretty typical indie store. 65% LPs, 35% CDs. It's a small store but they make the best of it. The stock is really pretty ordinary. They stock bigger indie stff for the most part, though they did have a bit of punk rock thrown in. Almost no used section to speak of and I think I bought more 7"s last month than they actually sell at this place.

They really fell into the trappings of the stereotypical snobby store. The music they were playing consisted of one tone that played the entire time I was in the store. How does one tell if that's a good tone? I'm not up on my tones, so I guess it could have been an parody tone or maybe something that you can use to balance your stereo speakers.

The clerk was also a cartoon character of a record store employee, sitting around in an ironic Christmas sweater talking down to some young girl in the store telling her that only "Weird German men and Dads still buy CDs."

Anyway, it's not a bad store, and I you are in the area and are looking for current indie rock, it's as good as any. Just don't go their expecting to dig for gems or to engage in any conversation with the staff.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Manifesto Jukebox - Strain LP

Combat Rock (2006)

Manifesto Jukebox is a band first recommended to me by Sean from Rugger Bugger records quite a long time ago. Their first album Desire really blew me away. And it must have blown away some other folks as well as the band ended up on BYO for their 2nd album Remedy. Not sure how that went for them, but by the time their 3rd album came along, they were back home on Combat Rock.

I'll admit it, I lost track of the band after Remedy, I didn't even know this last record Strain had even come out. When I was going through the Vinyl Junkie going out of business sale, I came across this in their used section for next to nothing so I grabbed it.

Strain is on par with the band's other records. Though I love the music and the energy the band pours into their songs, I'm always wishing the singers voice was just a bit less gruff and a tad more melodic. It's a good record, but I'll always be left wanting a band who has just as much enthusiasm, but shouts at me a little less. Still, definitely worth the pick up.

Manifesto Jukebox - If I Had A Soul (Live):