Thursday, March 14, 2013

Masked Intruder - First Offense 7" - Pink Vinyl (/250)

Hang Up (2013)

This is the repress of the long out of print and obscenely in demand 1st 7" by the band Masked Intruder. I had the box set version of the first pressing ( but was so innundated with offers to buy it, I eventually sold it this past January for $100. At the time I felt that was a pretty crazy amount to pay for the 4x7" set. that I paid $12 for Little did I know a month later people would start selling individual colors of the 1st press for $150 EACH on eBay. I don't regret the sale and again, made way more money on it than I think is warranted, but part of me really wonders how much the box set could have sold for.

Anyway, the reason I sold the set was because I knew a repress was coming out. I love collecting records and as you all know I'm a pretty big variant nerd, but don't and can't collect every variant for every single band I like. You've got to pick your battles and as much as I like Masked Intruder, they didn't quite make the nerd cut off. As per my last review, this 7" is still fun, but I still don't like the song "Stick Em Up." The pink vinyl version is sold out (and has already sold for truly stupid amounts of money on eBay), but last check the label still had the black vinyl version if you're looking.

Masked Intruder - First Offense:

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