Monday, March 4, 2013

Record Store Visit: Earwax - Brooklyn, NY - 03/02/13

I hardly ever go into Brooklyn. Being from New Jersey, it just tends to be a real pain. The only times I really ever go is to go to a show that I absolutely can't miss. Well, one of those shows popped up this weekend so I ventured out into the wilderness to go see The Night Marchers, Dan Sartain & Mrs. Magician at at a place called Glassland Gallery. On my way there, I passed a record store on Bedford Avenue and thought it was worth stopping in.

Earwax is a pretty typical indie store. 65% LPs, 35% CDs. It's a small store but they make the best of it. The stock is really pretty ordinary. They stock bigger indie stff for the most part, though they did have a bit of punk rock thrown in. Almost no used section to speak of and I think I bought more 7"s last month than they actually sell at this place.

They really fell into the trappings of the stereotypical snobby store. The music they were playing consisted of one tone that played the entire time I was in the store. How does one tell if that's a good tone? I'm not up on my tones, so I guess it could have been an parody tone or maybe something that you can use to balance your stereo speakers.

The clerk was also a cartoon character of a record store employee, sitting around in an ironic Christmas sweater talking down to some young girl in the store telling her that only "Weird German men and Dads still buy CDs."

Anyway, it's not a bad store, and I you are in the area and are looking for current indie rock, it's as good as any. Just don't go their expecting to dig for gems or to engage in any conversation with the staff.


  1. yeah that place kind of sucks.

    you should do Co Op / Record Grouch / Academy next time.

    1. I don't get to Brooklyn too often, but I'm probably overdue for a once around to hit up all the stores I've never been to.