Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heavy Vegetable / Powerdresser - Split 7" - Clear Vinyl

Goldenrod (1993)

Another 20 year old record. It's really nutty how fast time flies by. I'll have to say, at the time of release I really would have never been too into these bands. They're both pretty low tempo and quiet; no distortion or shouting. Probably wouldn't have been enough to get me excited back then. As the years have gone by I've grown an appreciation for some of the more mellow fare out there, so I decided to grab this 7" when i came across it in a used bin.

Heavy Vegetable is a pre-Pinback Rob Crow band and you can certainly see the similarities. Intricate guitars and what not, but I do think the song on this record lacks some of the hooks he was able to write in later years. Powerdresser is actually kind of similar, quite mellow, 90% instrumental, but a decent enough little song. Can't say I'll likely play this 7" much, but I'd probably stick the Heavy Vegetable song on a mixtape if I was still making those (which I'm not because cars don't have tape decks anymore...)

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