Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Pest Band - Smash Hits [2008 - 2011] LP

Snuffy Smiles / Dead Broke (2013)

Singles compilation from one of my favorite current Japanese punk rockers; Your Pest Band. This LP compiles all of their 7"s, Split 7"s, compilation and cassette appearances. Being a big Snuffy Smiles nerd, I did have the bulk of the original records that make up this collection, but even I didn't have the songs on here from a split cassette the band did.

This band just exudes energy, nothing they do is done half way. They barrel through their songs, somehow playing everything with amazing precision, yet sounding like they could come off the rails at any second. It's a rare skill.

My picture is the Snuffy Smiles version sold in Japan (Thanks to my buddy Yuki for picking it up for me), but this was also released in America by Dead Broke Rekerds. The Dead Broke version has a different fancier cover that I do need to pick up, but I have a complete Snuffy Smiles vinyl collection that I need to keep complete. Considering how difficult it has been for me to keep track of Snuffy Smiles records over the year, it's great that if you're after the music, you can pick it up domestically from a label that's really been putting out some fantastic records.

Your Pest Band - Smash Hits [2008 - 2011] LP:

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