Friday, March 8, 2013

Survival Knife - Traces Of Me 7"

Sub Pop (2013)

In the early 90's I was really into the noisy indie rock scene that was kicking around the northwest. You could have checked my collection and found records by bands like Fitz Of Depresiion, Karp & godheadSilo. What you would have also found is a handful of Unwound records. As I got older, I tended to drift towards the poppier side of things and so many of those bands imploded that it was just time to move on. Some of those records I look back at and wonder what was I thinking.

Recently I've be relistening to Unwound; those are records that have held up pretty well. It's a shame I pruned a lot of them from the collection many moons ago. They're going to have their catalog reissued soon, and I will definitely be picking up their early albums again. That brings us to Survival Knife, featuring ex members of Unwound.

Unwound was a band that I liked less as their records progressed. They got less noisy, less edgy and more atmospheric. Not my cup of tea. Survival Knife takes a welcome step backwards and serves up 2 songs of noisy, crunchy indie rock. This is the type of stuff I miss from Unwound. Though there's a darker dissonant vibe, they really manage to sneak a few hidden hooks in there as well. A strong debut and I'm eager to hear more.

Survival Knife - Traces of Me (Live):

Survival Knife: Name That Tune:

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