Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Thermals - No Culture Icons 7"

Sub Pop (2013)

Here's a little Saturday bonus. I know I don't usually post anything on Saturday, but this is just a brief extra. When you ordered any of the new Thermals reissues direct from Sub Pop, they also sent out a reissue of the 1st Thermals 7". 2 Tracks from More Parts Per Million and 2 unreleased. One of the unreleased is the song I think they should end every show with: Everything Thermals. It's the best song ever written that has a band's name in the song.

From what I read I think originally Sub Pop was going to send out 1 of these 7"s for each reissue bought. It's good they only sent me one, know clue what I would have done with 3 of these.

The Thermals - Everything Thermals (Live):

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