Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stay Clean Jolene - Green 7"

Drunken Sailor / Just Say No To Government Music / Eager Beaver / Rad Girlfriend (2013)

My first thought before listening to this 7" is "really, 4 labels all need to co-release one 7" record?" Then I listen to it and wish I could have gotten the PopKid logo on there too. What a debut. Leatherface-ish/Broccoli-ish UK punk rock. Gruff, but smooth vocals, dynamic guitar work, great hooks. Please someone confirm for me that they're working on a full length.

This is pretty much everything I look for in a punk rock band, and really takes me back to the glory days of the UK scene when it was populated by the likes of Chopper & Hooton 3 Car. If those types of bands strike your fancy or if you are someone that enjoys the punk rock that Snuffy Smiles puts out, this 7" should be the next thing you pick up. From whichever label is closest to you.

Stay Clean Jolene - Green 7":

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