Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crusaders Of Love - Take It Easy...But Take It LP

FDH (2012)

This follow-up to Crusaders of Love debut LP that came out on Douchemaster is stellar. Now calling the label FDH home, this French band has managed to improve on their debut. One thing you can say about Crusaders of Love is their attention to hooks. They certainly don't play a million miles an hour like some of their brethren, but manage to lure you into their songs and instantly have you nodding your head or tapping your toe. It's a gift.

If I were to make a comparison, I would say that Crusaders Of Love share quite a few similarities with the equally awesome Sonic Avenues. While Sonic Avenues does play with a bit more energy and intensity, the melodies and especially the production on the vocals between the 2 bands are extremely similar. I can't say enough good things about this album, but I will say 1 bad thing. I think the album cover is kind of goofy and I hope it doesn't deter anyone from checking out this record.

Crusaders Of Love - Take It Easy...But Take It LP:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Collection: Superchunk 7"s

Collection: Superchunk 7"s by Tim PopKid
Collection: Superchunk 7"s, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Superchunk is a band that you can just about always count on. Though I lost a little bit of interest in them during the Indoor Living era, once they put out Majesty Shredding, I was back in full force. If you need me to describe Superchunk, there's something very, very wrong with this picture, but if you're not familiar, go check out some of the links at the end of this post. You'll thank me.

Chunk - What I Do - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Slack Motherfucker - Merge - Blue Vinyl
Superchunk - Cool - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - The Breadman - Matador - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - The Freed Seed - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Tower - Messiah Complex - Purple Vinyl
Superchunk - Mower - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - The Question Is How Fast - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Ribbon - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk / Caterpillar - Split - Simple Machines - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Precision Auto Parts 2 & 3 - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - The First Part - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Driveway to Driveway - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Home At Dawn - Speed Kills - Black Vinyl
Superchunk / Tsunami - Split - Honey Bear - White Vinyl
Superchunk - Hyper Enough - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Watery Hands - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - The Majestic - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Misfits & Mistakes - Merge - Picture Disc
Superchunk - Crossed Wires - Merge - Black Vinyl
Superchunk - Digging For Something - Merge - Purple Vinyl
Superchunk / Coliseum - Split - Merge - Pink Vinyl
Superchunk - This Summer - Merge - White Vinyl
V/A - Three's Company - Merge - Black Vinyl
V/A - Self Mutilation Volume Two - Hippy Night - Black Vinyl
V/A - Inclined Plane - Simple Machines - Black Vinyl
V/A - Teriyaki Asthma VII - C/Z - Black Vinyl

***UPDATE - Apparently I'm also missing a Learned To Surf 7" I didn't know came out.  I have ordered a copy of this record to keep the collection complete***
V/A - Dope Guns N Fucking In The Streets - Volume 8 - Amphetamine Reptile (I have this, but I forgot to put it out when I was taking this picture), Also missing some colered vinyl variants of a few of the 7"s.

Superchunk - Precision Auto:

Superchunk - Hyper Enough:

Superchunk - Crossed Wires:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Seaweed - Deertrap 7"

Seaweed - Deertrap 7" by Tim PopKid
Seaweed - Deertrap 7", a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.

K (1990)

As threatened, I am starting to pick up Seaweed 7"s as I find them cheap. I am committed to getting a full collection of all of Seaweed's records since I recently discovered I was missing out on a really fantastic band. This was a purchase from Discogs, and I actually got a few other Seaweed 7"s from the same guy, so there will be more coming soon. Deertrap is a great song with a fast catchy verse and a really powerful, almost sinister, breakdown for the chorus. The flip side Carousel isn't quite as good, but Seaweed is a band that I'm quickly learning does not often disappoint.

Seaweed - Deertrap:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brat Farrar - S/T LP - White Vinyl (/100)

Ptrash (2012)

Another limited to 100 version courtesy of the Ptrash club. A Brat Farrar 7" came out a ways back that I really enjoyed so i was pretty excited that this full length was coming out. Sadly, I have ended up disappointed as it's not really my thing. I was expecting an album full of downstroke Wipers-esque rock, but what I have here is a diverse, somewhat noisy collection of songs.

Recording is really lo fi and tinny and the songs just don't seem to go anywhere. Ptrash is one of my favorite labels, but this time it just doesn't resonate with me.

Brat Farrar - S/T LP:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wrong Words - I Will Change Your Mind 7" - Purple Vinyl (/500)

Trouble In Mind (2012)

New 2 song 7" from The Wrong Words on Trouble In Mind Records. I've been pretty good and have kept a complete collection of Trouble In Mind 7"s on colored vinyl since the label began releasing them a couple of years ago. I love the old time sleeves, it's just a neat project. This Wrong Words 7" is one of the better 7"s they've released in the series. Cheerful west coast pop that has its roots firmly in the kind of summertime harmonies where Gentleman Jesse gets some inspiration.

The Wrong Words - I Will Change Your Mind:
soundcloud.com/the-wrong-words/i-will-change-your-mind I Will Change Your Mind by The Wrong Words

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocket From The Crypt - Paint As A Fragrance LP - Purple Vinyl

Headhunter (1991)

The first Rocket From The Crypt full length before they even had horns, 21 year old record. Kind of crazy. I have quite a few versions of this record already, but it looks like Headhunter has struck again and issued another batch of colored vinyl. I will need to keep my eyes peeled for other, I think there's a brown-ish swirl one floating around out there as well.

Rocket From The Crypt - French Guy:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Outtacontroller - Don't Play Dumb LP - Red Vinyl /100

Ptrash (2012)

Outtacontroller is another band that calls Canada home. There must be something in the water up there because that country has been churning out more amazing pop bands than just about any place else that I can think of. Outtacontroller is no exception to this as, much like kindred spirits, The Steve Adamyk Band, they have cranked out an album of fast, tight & catchy punked up pop songs.

There are way too many highlights to list them all, but I feel it bears mentioning that I think this record starts out OK, but after the 3rd song or so, it really comes into its own and becomes great. The absolute peak of this album for me is "Put It On High" where the band builds an entire song around the singer who want's to sleep with the fan on even though it's December. Fantastic.

This is definitely among the best albums I've picked up so far this year and another reason why I love being in the Ptrash club as it's the only way that I could have gotten the limited red vinyl version.

Outtacontroller - Don't Play Dumb:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Awful Man - Waiting For The Tanks To Come Rolling In 7" - White Vinyl

Dead Broke (2012)

Picked this up while I was ordering some other records from Dead Broke. I love taking chances on new bands by buying 7"s. Sometimes you end with something truly amazing, other times you just end up with garbage. In the case of Awful Man, I kind of ended up with something that was just OK. The band is playing fast and to the point punk rock songs. They've got a hint of that D4 catchiness, but the songs aren't quite as dynamic as Dillinger Four manages to be. It's another case of a record being a fine addition to an order that you are placing, but I wouldn't go out of my way to pick it up on its own.

Awful Man - Waiting For The Tanks To Come Rolling In:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bum / FiFi and the Mach III - Split 7" - Pink Vinyl

1+2 (1994)

This is a record I wasn't looking for because I had no idea it existed. I've had this 7" on black vinyl forever, but when I was messing around on eBay the other day i saw this little beauty for sale. Also, as a bonus it wasn't expensive at all. I'm pretty excited of all of the new Bum variants I've been able to add to the collection over the past few months, and it may be time for an updated collection picture, but I do know of at least 1 more variant that I'm missing, so i need to try to find that first.

I wasn't able to find this song streaming anywhere, but it's a great one!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Collection: PopKid Records - 7"s & CDs

I will be the first to admit that this particular entry is a bit self serving, though in fairness I adore every single record in this picture.

PopKid records has been around since 1994. It was started by @AlanRappa. By The time PKD002 came out, I was helping stuff 7" sleeves. As the years went by I was lucky enough to become more and more involved with the label to the point where I do consider it like a child of my own. Sadly, we left this child alone at an amusement park for a few years, but it's coming back!

Alan & I have dusted the cobwebs off of the boxes of records that have been living in basements for a few years and PopKid Records is back in business.

For starters, the website is back. if you go to www.popkid.com you will see a news section, with a bit of news, A complete discography with pressing information and links to where you can buy some records.

We have digitized all of the PopKid releases from their DAT masters and have now uploaded everything to Bandcamp. You can buy MP3s or Flacs or whatever you want direct from our Bandcamp page: popkid.bandcamp.com . You can also just go there and listen to everything to see if you like it enough to buy.

And as mentioned above, we are finally selling all of our records online that we still have copies of. We don't have everything, but we have at least a few of almost every release. We've even stumbled across some records that we thought were long out of print and are selling a couple of test pressings, including the test pressing for The Stereo / Ultimate Fakebook split 7". If you want to go right to the store, you can go to popkidrecords.bigcartel.com

Anything you buy goes right back into the label. There's a new Chester Copperpot EP that's already recorded and we're just trying to raise some money to help release it finally. If you have any of these records already, thank you, but hey, if you have friends that might want some, just let them know we're back.

Sorry if this comes off as a big sales pitch, but I figured you may care if you read this site, It'll be back to business as usual tomorrow with more records that I've been buying.


Playground - If you Were Me 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
Playground - If you Were Me 7" - PopKid - Green Vinyl/Tan Cover (/500)
Playground - If you Were Me 7" - PopKid - BlackVinyl/Grey Cover (/500)
Gan - Blink 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
Gan - Blink 7" - PopKid - Clear Vinyl (/100)
Gan - Blink 7" - PopKid - Transparent Yellow Vinyl (/400)
Gan - Blink 7" - PopKid - OpaqueYellow Vinyl (/300)
Porcelain Boys / Marble - Split 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
Porcelain Boys / Marble - Split 7" - PopKid - White Vinyl (/300)
Porcelain Boys / Marble - Split 7" - PopKid - Purple Vinyl (/300)
The Mr. T Experience / Sicko - Split 7" - PopKid - Black Vinyl, PopKid Stamp on Back Cover (/50)
Horace Goes Skiing - Domestic Violence 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
Horace Goes Skiing - Domestic Violence 7" - PopKid - Blue Swirl Vinyl (/555)
Chester Copperpot - Bitter Sweet Tunes 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
Chester Copperpot - Bitter Sweet Tunes 7" - PopKid - Clear Vinyl (/300)
Chester Copperpot - Bitter Sweet Tunes 7" - PopKid - Black Vinyl (/300)
Starmarket - Staying Cool 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing of C/D 7" Only
Starmarket - Staying Cool 2x7" - PopKid - White Vinyl (/300)
Starmarket - Staying Cool 2x7" - PopKid - Black Vinyl (/500)
The Stereo / Ultimate Fakebook - Split 7" - PopKid - Test Pressing
The Stereo / Ultimate Fakebook - Split 7" - PopKid - White Vinyl (/300)
The Stereo / Ultimate Fakebook - Split 7" - PopKid - Black Vinyl (/700)

Porcelain Boys - Away Awhile CD - PopKid
Starmarket - Sunday's Worst Enemy CD - PopKid
Beezewax - South Of Boredom CD - PopKid
Jettison - Search For The Gun Girl CD - PopKid
Crushstory - A+ Electric - PopKid - Green CD Face (Misprint)
Crushstory - A+ Electric - PopKid - Pink CD Face
Horace Goes Skiing - Yeah Right Sure CD - PopKid
Kenneth Ishak - Northern Exposure CD - PopKid
Beat Crusaders - All You Can Eat CD - PopKid
Chester Copperpot - The Kings Of Kirby CD - PopKid

Missing: Side A/B of the Startmarket test pressing. Not sure why I don't have one, but it seems I do not.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cops - Premonitions 7" - Clear Vinyl (/100)

Rob's House (2012)

Cops features Gentleman Jesse & GG King and this 7" is a throw back to their days together in the Carbonas. A sting of fast, short catchy songs that in my mind could have easily fit in on the last Carbonas record that Goner put out. This is kind of what I wish the GG King stuff had evolved into. Even though the label put these up for sale a few weeks back on their website without warning people on their mailing list, I was still lucky enough to get a copy on clear vinyl, thanks to a heads up from @andrewhickey a few days after they went on sale.

Cops - Premonitions:

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Gadzooks! 7"

In The Red (2012)

Part #6 of the In The Red Explosion Jukebox Series (Though I don't have #5, I really need to hunt that one down). It's pretty cool that Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is playing and releasing records again. Even though I really did not like the very last record they put out, they've built up enough good karma with me over the years that I'll always give them another chance.

I like Gadzooks. It feels a bit like old Blues Explosion to me. Good energy, good crooning. Who knows, maybe their new record that's coming out will be good too.

Couldn't find this streaming online anywhere, but you can still get the 7" from the In The Red website.

Friday, July 13, 2012

V/A - Dead Broke Rekerds Four Way Split Vol. 3

Dead Broke (2012)

This edition of the Dead Broke's 4-Way split covers something near and dear to my heart; incredible Japanese punk rock bands. It is well documented that I've been obsessed with the Japanese punk scene revolving around Snuffy Smiles records for about 15 years or so. i'm constantly trying to hunt down records by all of the bands involved. It can often be frustrating and expensive, but every once in a while a label will make it easy on me.

Dead Broke has grabbed unreleased songs from 4 bands: Gleam Garden, Browntrout, The Because and Your Pest Band. Now, while I like The Because, I've never been blown away by anything I've heard from them, but the other 3 are a who's who of the best bands going in Japan right now. The thing that sets Japanese punk bands apart from the rest of the world to me is with how much sincerity they play with. I just always believe every note and vocal that comes out of my speakers. i wish more bands could convey that kind of emotion. Regardless, this release is essential and if you put any stock into anything I write, you'll check out some songs by them below.

V/A - Dead Broke Rekerds Four Way Split Vol. 3:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Revolvo - The End Starts Here CD

Ovlover (2012)

Here's an album that totally caught me by surprise. Revolvo is a band from Sweden that about a decade ago put out a 7", a split 7" and a S/T CD. That CD came out in 2002 and was in heavy rotation for me for years. Then the band vanished. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine alerted me that Revolvo was back and had a new record. At first I actually didn't believe him, but a few searches and an email to the band later, I have the CD in my hands.

The first thing that strikes me when I put on this record is how much it sounds like the one they put out 10 years ago. It was like being with an old friend 10 years later. Revolvo carries on the powerful dynamic guitar blueprint that put bands like Starmarket and Him Kerosene on the map, but what sets them apart from those bands is their vocals. Singer Jonas has a breathy yearning vocal that takes the band closer to My Bloody Valentine or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. While that is not a vocal style that typically does much for me, the way that Revolvo incorporates it with their swirling guitars and incredible percussion makes them truly stand out from the pack.

I write a lot on this website about bands that have their roots and sounds rooted in my past, Revolvo can be added to that list on amazing bands for their soaring 90s style rock. Hopefully it won't take them another 10 years to release a 3rd album.

Revolvo - The End Starts Here (3 Songs):

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

La Panther Happens - Solid Gold Buzz LP - Black w/ Splatter Vinyl (/100)

Red Lounge (2011)

Picked this up when I was purchasing some other records from Red Lounge, it's one of those records i just took a chance on. i feel that the chance paid off. La Panther Happens play clean, laid back 60's style pop. You've got the jangly guitars, the flourish of organ, but compared to some other bands that are mining the same influences, I find that La Panther Happens manages to craft songs that don't rely on speed to succeed.

Solid Gold Buzz, to me, is more of a throwback to soulful girl groups of the 60s, despite not having a female singer themselves. It's a great record for a sunny Saturday afternoon, lemonade optional.

La Panther Happens - Solid Gold Buzz:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Stand GT - Sugarbuzz 7" - Gold Vinyl

Top Drawer (1994)

This is a record that's been at the top of my wants list for a while and thanks to the wishlist feature on discogs it is now mine! This also finally opens up the door to do a Stand GT collection picture so watch for that real soon.

Sugarbuzz came out on Top Drawer records, which was run by Ian from Sicko. he had a knack for putting out some pretty amazing pop punk records, so how could he not have put out a Stand GT record? Two scorching originals and a Pogues cover. So glad to have this finally.

The Stand GT - Sugar Buzz 7":

Monday, July 9, 2012

Collection: Statues - LPs & 7"s

In 2007 I wasn't in the best place musically. I had been working in the music industry since 2000. I'd been exposed to countless mediocre and even more terrible bands. I felt like I hadn't heard too much to really excite me in such a long time. Frankly, I was completely burned out on music. Aside from the occasional John Reis project, I was just kind of over everything. The Statues fixed that.

I heard of the record New People Make Us Nervous from a friend of mine named Omar who lived in Montreal. We both came up on some of the same awesome Canadian power pop punk bands and he assured me that I would dig this band called Statues. I emailed the band and bought a copy from them. I was totally blown away.

This band played such incredibly catchy music. They had ridiculous energy and hooks for days. I was enthralled. I told everyone I knew about this band. I started hunting down every crazy variant of every crazy record. I just couldn't get enough. Sadly, Statues recently played their last show up in Canada. I never got the chance to see them play live, which is a crime. Though I didn't like their most recent full length, Holiday Cops, anywhere near as much as New People Make Us Nervous, I will never forget how that record opened up my eyes and reminded me that even though I'm getting older, there is still new music worth listening to.

Statues - Aux - Ptrash - Black Vinyl
Statues - Aux - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #87/100, Record Release Show Version
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #30/99, Pink Cover, European Version
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #329/364, Yellow Cover, European Version
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Radio81 - Black Vinyl - #210/400, Yellow Cover
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Radio81 - Black Vinyl - #59/100, Pink Cover
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Radio81 - Black Vinyl - #16/200, Euro Tour Version, Black & Red Cover
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Ptrash - Red Vinyl - Pink TV Cover, European Version
Statues - New People Make Us Nervous - Deranged - Black Vinyl - Pink TV Cover
Statues - Holiday Cops - Ptrash - Black Vinyl
Statues - Holiday Cops - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #70/100, Ptrash Club Version
Statues - Holiday Cops - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #49/60, Record Release Version

Statues - Attention Shoppers - Basement Fire - Black Vinyl
Statues - Same Bodies Same Faces - Deranged - Black Vinyl
Statues - Crooked Fingers - Ptrash / FDH - Purple Vinyl - #41/100, Ptrash Club Version, Screened Cover
Statues - Crooked Fingers - Ptrash / FDH - Purple Vinyl
Statues - Broken Hands - Plasic Idol - Clear Vinyl
Statues - We're Disparate - Ptrash / House Party - Black Vinyl
Statues - We're Disparate - Ptrash / House Party - Black Vinyl - /150, Ptrash Club Version, Screened Cover
Statues - Uptime - Ptrash - Black Vinyl - #100/100, Ptrash Club Version, Screened Cover
Statues - Uptime - Ptrash - Black Vinyl

Missing: Holiday Cops LP on Deranged. I just never picked it up for some reason. I will grab it eventually.

I couldn't find anything streaming anywhere from the best Statues record New People Make Us Nervous aside from this live version of Living In Lines. Sound quality isn't so great.

Statues - Living In Lines (Live):

Statues - Reflex:

Statues - Fine Tuned:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Glow Kit - S/T LP - Clear Vinyl (/100)

Ptrash (2012)

Another offering from the Ptrash Club gives me the wacky limited version of this record by Glow Kit. I read a lot of reviews that were describing Glow Kit by comparing them to the Marked Men. While I do see the similarities, I don't know if that is the best comparison. Glow Kit is a no nonsense garage pop band. The songs are in and out. Verse, hook, done. Little catchy bursts, but the more I listen to this record the more I absolutely love it. They remind me a little bit of that band Wavves, who I like, but I find Glow Kit to be infinitely superior.

The band has a few songs streaming on their soundcloud page. In particular, make sure you check out "Stood A Chance."

Glow Kit - S/T:
Stood a Chance by Glow Kit

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Steve Adamyk Band - S/T LP - Red, White, Blue & Black Vinyl

Dead Broke (2012)

To say I like this album would be such an understatement. I have so many different versions of this thing at this point, but the crazy collector nerd in me just will not let me stop buying them. Heck, I actually have 2 more copies of this record on order from Ptrash as they also repressed it on different colored vinyl.

Anyway, what you see is Red, White & Blue vinyl and each of them was limited to 100 copies. Then there's the black vinyl version which is only limited by your imagination. In particular, I think the blue vinyl from this set just looks great. Also, a bonus is the 2 tracks that were only on the Ptrash CD version of this record are now finally committed to vinyl on the Dead Broke records version. Even more reason to buy another copy.

The Steve Adamyk Band - S/T: