Wednesday, July 11, 2012

La Panther Happens - Solid Gold Buzz LP - Black w/ Splatter Vinyl (/100)

Red Lounge (2011)

Picked this up when I was purchasing some other records from Red Lounge, it's one of those records i just took a chance on. i feel that the chance paid off. La Panther Happens play clean, laid back 60's style pop. You've got the jangly guitars, the flourish of organ, but compared to some other bands that are mining the same influences, I find that La Panther Happens manages to craft songs that don't rely on speed to succeed.

Solid Gold Buzz, to me, is more of a throwback to soulful girl groups of the 60s, despite not having a female singer themselves. It's a great record for a sunny Saturday afternoon, lemonade optional.

La Panther Happens - Solid Gold Buzz:

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