Friday, July 13, 2012

V/A - Dead Broke Rekerds Four Way Split Vol. 3

Dead Broke (2012)

This edition of the Dead Broke's 4-Way split covers something near and dear to my heart; incredible Japanese punk rock bands. It is well documented that I've been obsessed with the Japanese punk scene revolving around Snuffy Smiles records for about 15 years or so. i'm constantly trying to hunt down records by all of the bands involved. It can often be frustrating and expensive, but every once in a while a label will make it easy on me.

Dead Broke has grabbed unreleased songs from 4 bands: Gleam Garden, Browntrout, The Because and Your Pest Band. Now, while I like The Because, I've never been blown away by anything I've heard from them, but the other 3 are a who's who of the best bands going in Japan right now. The thing that sets Japanese punk bands apart from the rest of the world to me is with how much sincerity they play with. I just always believe every note and vocal that comes out of my speakers. i wish more bands could convey that kind of emotion. Regardless, this release is essential and if you put any stock into anything I write, you'll check out some songs by them below.

V/A - Dead Broke Rekerds Four Way Split Vol. 3:

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