Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Stand GT - Sugarbuzz 7" - Gold Vinyl

Top Drawer (1994)

This is a record that's been at the top of my wants list for a while and thanks to the wishlist feature on discogs it is now mine! This also finally opens up the door to do a Stand GT collection picture so watch for that real soon.

Sugarbuzz came out on Top Drawer records, which was run by Ian from Sicko. he had a knack for putting out some pretty amazing pop punk records, so how could he not have put out a Stand GT record? Two scorching originals and a Pogues cover. So glad to have this finally.

The Stand GT - Sugar Buzz 7":

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  1. Wow.. that one is hard to find I even asked Chris the singer to look around his basement for one of these.. nice find.