Monday, July 2, 2012

The Steve Adamyk Band - S/T LP - Red, White, Blue & Black Vinyl

Dead Broke (2012)

To say I like this album would be such an understatement. I have so many different versions of this thing at this point, but the crazy collector nerd in me just will not let me stop buying them. Heck, I actually have 2 more copies of this record on order from Ptrash as they also repressed it on different colored vinyl.

Anyway, what you see is Red, White & Blue vinyl and each of them was limited to 100 copies. Then there's the black vinyl version which is only limited by your imagination. In particular, I think the blue vinyl from this set just looks great. Also, a bonus is the 2 tracks that were only on the Ptrash CD version of this record are now finally committed to vinyl on the Dead Broke records version. Even more reason to buy another copy.

The Steve Adamyk Band - S/T:

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