Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Men - New Moon LP - Screened Cover (/350)

Sacred Bones (2013)

Last year the song "Open Your Heart" by The Men was one of the 2 or 3 best songs I heard all year. It was enough to make me pick up their 2012 full length. It was so good they I just had to hunt down the limited version of that album as well. The entire record was good, but I definitely gravitated towards their poppier fare. When I heard they were already putting out another full length, I was surprised about the quick turnaround, but anxious to hear more from the band.

New Moon is another move into a newer direction for the band. Definitely more pop in places and some really, really outstanding songs. It also marks the band pursuing some rootsy, country leaning songs that, for me, aren't as successful. I can't think of a single band that started drifting into country that stayed as good as the were when they were bringing the rock. That being said, The Men do it better than most.

At the end of the day, it's only a few songs and the vast majority of the album is even stronger than last years. There's no blow away hit for me like "Open Your Heart," but top to bottom it's a better record.

The limited to 350 copies version was only sold through the Sacred Bones website. It's the regular version of the album with an additional wrap around screened cover. I'm fairly confident that it's actually made of wallpaper or shelf lining paper. Something like that anyway, but it looks cool and I have seen other folks with different variants for this record. The one I have is certainly the most colorful and the one I like best, so that worked out for me.

The Men - Electric:
The Men - I Saw Her Face:

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