Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeffrey Novak - I Never Knew So Much 7" - Purple Vinyl

Matador (2013)

This 7" is the first installment of the Matador Records 2013 singles club. Limited to 700 subscriptions, this one on purple vinyl. There should be 11 more of these guys coming in and I'm especially keen on the next one due, which is a new Superchunk 7".

Jeffrey Novak is someone I was not particularly familiar with going into this series. The 2 songs on this single tend to veer into the dissonant guitar, kind of spoken word-y fare that reminds of Shellac a bit, but no where near as interesting. For my taste, it's a bit of a dud as far as the first release goes, but there are many bands coming in the future of this series that will be right up my alley. Sorry, couldn't find either song streaming.

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