Friday, March 1, 2013

Manifesto Jukebox - Strain LP

Combat Rock (2006)

Manifesto Jukebox is a band first recommended to me by Sean from Rugger Bugger records quite a long time ago. Their first album Desire really blew me away. And it must have blown away some other folks as well as the band ended up on BYO for their 2nd album Remedy. Not sure how that went for them, but by the time their 3rd album came along, they were back home on Combat Rock.

I'll admit it, I lost track of the band after Remedy, I didn't even know this last record Strain had even come out. When I was going through the Vinyl Junkie going out of business sale, I came across this in their used section for next to nothing so I grabbed it.

Strain is on par with the band's other records. Though I love the music and the energy the band pours into their songs, I'm always wishing the singers voice was just a bit less gruff and a tad more melodic. It's a good record, but I'll always be left wanting a band who has just as much enthusiasm, but shouts at me a little less. Still, definitely worth the pick up.

Manifesto Jukebox - If I Had A Soul (Live):

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