Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winepress - The Complete Recordings LP - Record Release Version (/100)

Underground Communique (2013)

Winepress is a band that I first heard of due to another band covering a Winepress song. A wonderful old band from the 90's called Walker covered Winepress' 'Revenge Of The Nerds' on their split 7" with a band called Back of Dave. That led me to Winepress, a band that only put out a handful of 7"s, but managed to churn out quite the little pile of awesome songs.

This is a band that is absolutely a product of their time. Fast, fun midwest pop punk. Good hooks, good lyrics, the whole package. This collection compiles all of their songs onto 1 LP, though this same compilation did come out on CD back in 2001.

The version that I have is a limited to 100 copies record release version sold at a recent reunion performance the band played. The leftovers were sold on the Underground Communique website. Amazingly, I just checked and it looks like they still have some left if you're in the market for a copy. I don't think any other version of this LP exists at this time, though I imagine it is likely it will get a full pressing from the label at some point.

Winepress - The Complete Recordings (Full album stream):

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