Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Muppet Movie Original Soundtrack Recording LP

Atlantic (1979)

One of the most enduring childhood memories that I have is my fascination with the Muppets. I always watched the show when it was on, I loved the movies and I simply adored this soundtrack. I had it as a kid and quite simply wore it out. I remember it so vividly that I can tell you the spots where my original copy skipped. 'Rainbow Connection,' 'Movin Right Along' and my absolute favorite 'Can You Picture That' just jumped out of my speakers and really helped show me how important music was at a very, very young age.

I picked up this new copy in the botched trade I mentioned when writing about the George Harrison album Cloud 9 a few weeks ago. In fact, this was the record whose condition led me to call off the trade and just buy the records outright. While certainly not unlistenable, there are quite a few scuff marks on the vinyl and they really come through when the songs hit their crescendos, resulting in staticy fuzzed out moments.

For the price I paid, not a deal breaker, but I would certainly prefer to pick up a fresher copy at some point. It's a classic record for me and that red & green Atlantic label on the vinyl just makes me smile.

The Muppets - Can You Picture That:

The Muppets - Movin' Right Along:

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