Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jack White - Freedom At 21 Demo 7" - Blunderblue Vinyl

Third Man (2012)

First off, let me get this out of the way right off the bat; the label is referring to this color as blunderblue, not me. It looks like light blue to me. Anyway, this 7" comes from Third Man Records Vault series, where you have to sign up in advance and you get a handful of records. As I am far from a Jack White superfan, I had never joined for a vault package before, but the 2xLP Live album (which I'll be posting tomorrow) was enough to make me give it a whirl. Also in this package was this 7" of demos from Jack White's latest album.

Frankly, it's a waste of wax. 3 really short acoustic demos of partial songs. I suppose diehards would appreciate the glimpse into the Jack White songwriting process. Me, I listened to it and thought "when they hell am I ever going to listen to half songs again?" I'm sure I could stick this on eBay and do pretty well with it, but I do want to keep my vault set all together. Can't find these demos streaming anywhere online, but again, you're not missing anything.


  1. What is your opinion of 3rd Man pressings? I have heard differing opinions...from fair to awful, but never outstanding.

    1. I think they're fine. Never had any issue, though truthfully, I only have a few records on the label.