Friday, February 22, 2013

The Yolks - Introducing The Yolks 7"

Randy (2007)

First 7" by The Yolks who put out one of my Favorite LPs of 2009. I hope they put together another album someday as I really dig these guys. The first 7" is similar to the LP as it is full on ramshackle pop songs with a retro vibe and fidelity challenged production. Much like the LP it just sounds like it's bursting with energy, a quality more bands probably wish they could capture on their recordings.

I'm not entirely positive what version of this 7" that I have, but I suspect it's a fairly recent repress. It's numbered #14/100 and the label on the record itself is hand drawn with shiny silver ink. Regardless of the version, I'm pleased to finally add this 7" to the stacks. And again, Yolks folks, put out another record, OK?

The Yolks - Introducing The Yolks:

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