Monday, February 18, 2013

Mother's Children - See The Other Guy 7" - Clear Vinyl, Alternate Cover(/100)

Ptrash (2012)

I've been meaning to get around to this 7" for quite a while now and I couldn't even give a good reason as to why it's taken so long. Mother's Children put out a 7" in 2009, one of my favorite records of 2010, a killer 12" EP in 2011 and this 7" in 2012. I'm hopeful that we'll see another LP this year as the band just consistently releases such great, great songs.

To compare Mother's Children to another band, I almost always put them in the same category as someone else that garner's heavy play around here; Marvelous Darlings. They both have a glammy edge to their power pop and both write some of the catchiest hooks you're going to find. The record you see above is the Ptrash Club Version, on clear vinyl with different artwork from the regular release. I think I actually prefer the art to the normal version, but there's just something that makes it impossible for me not to have the more rare of the two. It's a sickness.

Mother's Children - See the Other Guy 7":

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