Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big Eyes / Mean Jeans - Split 7" - Red Vinyl (/200)

Dirtnap (2013)

Split 7" by a band I'm familiar with and one, not so much. Mean Jeans have been slowly winning me over these past few years with their Ramonesy, at time nonsensical, pop punk. They turn in one of the best songs I've heard from them on this 7", I Miss Outer Space. A sugared up blast of sing along choruses and lyrics about having an alien heart and missing a black hole . The 2nd song, Since You Left, is a Big Eyes cover and it's another burner, though I'm admittedly not familiar with the original, so I can't make a fair comparison between the two.

Big Eyes is a female fronted punk band, who are definitely taking cues from 90's bands like The Muffs, but who don't really tie it all together for me. At least on the 2 songs on this 7". They're not bad and if you miss some of those old 90's bands, this might be more up your alley than mine. As usual for Dirtnap, the 1st 200 are on colored vinyl, and you know I have to keep up on my Dirtnap releases. Just about the best label going these days.

Big Eyes Side:

Mean Jeans Side:

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