Friday, February 1, 2013

Dog Piss - Eine Klein Punkmusik LP

Honest Dons (1999)

Another pickup from the Vinyl Junkie going out of business sale. I believe I paid $4 for this record and it was brand new, still sealed. The music on the record isn't new for me, as I've had this on CD since the day it came out, but just never got around to picking up the LP of it.

Dog Piss was a vehicle for Jools from Guns N Wankers to release music into the world. On many of the songs on this record he was also joined by Duncan from Snuff/Guns N Wankers. No matter what you think of the band name or the artwork; don't let that prejudice you against this album. If you are even the slightest fan of Snuff, Guns N Wankers or really any of the 90's UK punk scene, I'd be pretty shocked if you didn't like this record as well.

Dogpiss - Red Eye:

Dogpiss - The Smoking Song:

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