Friday, February 15, 2013

Windian Records Subscription Series #1 7" Box Set (/200)

Windian (2013)

It was only a couple of days ago that I expressed my love of 7" singles series, and here is another example of a label doing it perfectly. In addition to being able to subscribe to a 7" series featuring for sure 2 bands that I love (Barreracudas & Heavy Times), getting to hear 3 other bands I wasn't particularly familiar with and a very affordable price; this series also came as a fancy box set with a big booklet and a pin. The art of the whole set is fantastic and I absolutely love the zigzag sleeves of the individual records.

Music-wise, I knew going in that Barreracudas and Heavy Times were great bands, and neither disappoint, delivering stellar songs for their 7"s. Of the 3 new bands I think the one I liked the least was Static Eyes. Though certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination; the vocals are a little scuzzier & shouty than I typically prefer. Suns of Guns serve up swampy, lead guitar driven stomp-punk songs that sound like they could derail at any possible second. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The big winner here for me is the last band, Terry Malts. A band I had never even heard of before, but a band that really impressed me with their contributions. Fast and catchy punk with a singer that reminds me a bit of a less bass-y Calvin Johnson. Just a great set of records and Windian is even nicer than a lot of labels and if you want to buy just individual records, they'll let you do that too. But do yourself a favor and pick up the box set, amazingly it looks like they actually still have some left in their store.

Windian Records Subscription Series #1 7" Box Set:

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