Wednesday, February 6, 2013

George Harrison - Cloud 9 LP

Dark Horse (1987)

Never let it be said that I also don't appreciate the classics. Growing up I dove into 60's rock and Stax and all manner of wonderful tunes. Of course I love the Beatles, I feel like most people do. I watched a fascinating documentary about George Harrison on HBO a year or so ago. What a great man. He's got a lot of pretty fantastic records, but my favorite was always Cloud 9. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that in 1987 I was 11 years old; old enough to know that this record came out. It's part of my childhood as I heard it often at my dad's house. I think it had staying power with me because of the Jeff Lynne production. I do love ELO.

Anyway, although this CD has been in my collection for a while, I got this record as part of a trade gone awry. The records that were traded to me weren't in the condition I was expecting (we've got some pretty roughed up corners on this LP and some scratches on some of the other ones I received), but I ended up working out a deal with the other guy and just paid him for the records rather than send them back. Worked out well for everyone.

George Harrison - When We Was Fab:

George Harrison - Devil's Radio:

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