Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Night Marchers - Allez Allez LP

Swami (2013)

It's no secret to the world that I am one of the biggest fans that John 'Speedo' Reis could have created. From Rocket From The Crypt to Drive Like Jehu to The Sultans to Hot Snakes, I've been with him every step of the way. His bands never disappoint, his albums always become soundtracks to a specific time frame for me. With The Night Marchers, things haven't changed a bit.

After a 5 year layoff, Night Marchers hit with their 2nd full length Allez Allez. An album that builds off of the foundations of all his previous bands but still manages to be fresh and exciting. From the dueling guitar interplay of 'Tropical Depression' to the straight up pop of 'Pain' to the fascinatingly horn-tinged-Rocket-From-The-Crypt-esque 'Big In Germany,' this man knows how to write a song. 'All Hits" as it were.

I'd have to say this is even better than the band's debut, See You In Magic. It's one of the best things you could possibly pick up right now and a surefire album of the year contender (though honestly, very few others are really going to be able to vie for the top spot).

The one thing that I will say that I find odd is that the track order between the CD and LP is different. On the CD, 'Fisting The Fanbase' closes the album. On the LP, that song is the last on Side A. I'm sure it was rearranged on the LP for timing issues, but I have to say, for me that song is the natural album closer. It just kind of sums up the energy of the entire album and beats you in the face with it for 5 minutes. After which, the only thing left to do is start that record all over again...

Night Marchers - All Hits:

Night Marchers - (Wasting Time In) Javalinaville:

Night Marchers - Fisting The Fanbase (Live):


  1. Speedo is frustratingly non-chalant about marketing his records. Even to his fans on Facebook. There was never any mention that the vinyl was available or the songs were officially out. Greatest front man of our time... but crappy salesman.

    Love your blog. keep it up. Didn't know about the Suoerdrag reissue either. so thanks for costing me near twenty bucks for that LP too... none of their other LPs comes close tho the first one!

    1. Thanks for reading. He drops nuggets on the Swami board on occasion, but yeah, sometimes you really have to pay attention more than with other folks.