Monday, February 4, 2013

Shy Mirrors - Negative Collector LP (/150)

Big School (2013)

Low Culture may have been the first great record of 2013, but not too far behind was the newest from Shy Mirrors, timeline wise, the 2nd great record of 2013. Shy Mirrors play a fuzzed out style of Superchunk-esque pop. I'm not sure what recording changes the band has made since their last album, but the songs sound fuller this time out. The increased low end gives the band a more fleshed out feeling and really gives the album a more dynamic and cohesive sound.  The way Shy Mirrors just barrel through the tracks on their newest effort Negative Collector is just something to see. Channeling the energy of some of my favorite pop bands of the 90's with amazingly catchy choruses, this is a band that should far exceed the popularity of this limited to 150 copies record.

Big School records has pressed 150 copies, provided screened, hand numbered artwork (I'm number 13 if you're curious) and sealed everything up in a picture disc sleeve. Though I typically frown on LP artwork with no visible spine, there's something really nice about the construction paper aesthetic this artwork has. Again, super limited so if your interested in this record; best grab it quick.

Shy Mirrors - Negative Collector (Full Album Stream):

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