Monday, February 11, 2013

Big In Japan - Destroy The New Rock LP

Honest Dons (2001)

I was such a huge fan of the band Zoinks. When Zac left that band, it was indeed a sad day. They managed to sputter through a lackluster LP without him, but the writing was on the wall. Zac briefly appeared in the band Crushstory, but his full on return came with Big In Japan. When this record came out I was just completely disappointed with it. Not only did I not pick up the vinyl, but the CD I got for free didn't even survive one of my prunings many years ago. When the Vinyl Junkie distro closed up and they had their mega-sale, this was one of the records on the list and for $4, I decided to give it another shot.

What a difference a decade makes. This album is so much better than I remember it being. Sure, it's missing some of the punch and speed that made Zoinks so great, but in slowing down the tempo a bit the lyrics and melodies really stand out. As I was going through the album, I just kept wondering why I didn't like this when it first came out. Sure there's a couple of stinkers, but literally a couple; 2 bad songs on the whole record. I am so glad I gave this album another shot. I guess you can't call it a throwback when it's already 12 years old, but it certainly took me back.

Big In Japan - Dig That Stupid Sound:

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