Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tenement / Cheeky - Split 7"

No Breaks / Let's Pretend (2012)

The past few months have seen a pretty steady onslaught of new Tenement records. I really hope they keep this pace up as I would love more and more 7"s every month. This time out Tenement shares a record with a band that has already broken up, Cheeky. Cheeky supply 2 female fronted, fast paced & pretty aggressive tracks. Can't say they're my favorite and I think the vocals are a little loud in the mix, it's all I hear.

Tenement give us one firecracker in "Blast Exhaust," though the 2nd song of theirs, "Perverse universe," songs like it could have been the theme song of an 80s sitcom. I like that the band genre hops and explores a wide range of music, but if pressed, I will always say I like their fast punky stuff better.

I can't find the Cheeky songs to embed, but if you go here, you can listen to one of them:

Tenement Songs (Via Bandcamp):

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