Friday, March 16, 2012

Jet Black - Escape Measures LP

Self Released (2011)

Here's a buzz word that keeps popping up in a lot of what I am writing lately: 90s. Throwing back seems to be a pretty popular thing these days and as I've stated before, I am A-OK with that. Jet Black hail from Quebec, Canada, but their music hails from 90s alternative land. So much of what they're doing is steeped in that glorious time where halfway decent music dominated the airwaves. I hear some Nirvana here, a little Jawbox there, but what I hear more than anything else is a tight band that really knows how to string a great song together. Escape Measure is an album that brings back those wonderful loud/quiet/loud days of yore.  The only bad thing I can say is the cover of my record arrived damaged, so i have a pretty substantial crease on the lover left-hand corner.  That kind of sucks.

Jet Black - Escape Measures (3 Songs via Bandcamp):

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