Monday, October 10, 2016

Tenement - S/T EP 12" - Orange Vinyl


Deranged (2016)

Tenement's new 12" was originally released as a tour only cassette, though this new vinyl version has two extra songs and less tape warble than the original release. I've been a pretty big Tenement fan for quite some time and have been borderline obsessed with the band since their Napalm Dream full length.  They're a particularly creative band, sometimes taking detours into areas that I don't necessarily like, but they do always keep things interesting.  

On this latest self titled EP, they stick to a sound that is a bit more pop and a bit more traditional.  Frankly, there are few bands in the world that can dole out a serving of guitar pop better than Tenement, but their ability to mix in some slower, borderline country songs is what is most impressive to me.  From the hyper start/stop guitar buzz of opener "Everyone To Love You," you'd think the segue into the much more subdued "Underworld Hotel" would be clunky, but Tenement manages to swing between tempos and genres with ease and always seem to be able to bring all of the songs under a cohesive umbrella.  It's a remarkable achievement and one that could not be pulled off by most bands.

For me the highlight is one of the newly added songs, "The Strangest Couple In Love."  It's a perfect mid tempo rock song.  It has the big fuzzy guitars that I love, catchy singalong verses and some pretty gigantic hooks. It's simply another great release from one of the best bands playing rock and roll music today.

Tenement - S/T 12":

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