Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3 Cassettes - The Televisionaries, Blobs & Kharlos


More Power Tapes (2015)

I'm going to keep trying to get through this cassette backlog I've got brewing, so here's three more tape reviews:

The Televisionaries - Freezing To Death - Of all the cassettes sent to me by More Power Tapes, this was the one I was most hopeful about.  The band name and the art set it apart from everything else.  Happily, I can report that this is pretty good.  It's another instrumental surf band, though I would say much more straight ahead and less gimmicky than the Hamiltones tape More Power Tapes had sent also sent me.  The tones are full of reverb and The Televisionaries bring a lot of energy to their songs.  The recording could use a little help on the low end side of the sound spectrum, but this is fun stuff.

The Televisionaries - Freezing To Death:

Blobs - S/T - I wasn't expecting much from this Blobs cassette, but it's actually much better than I would have thought.  I can't go so far as to call it good, because the vocals are awful and really kill this band dead.  The music itself isn't so bad as the band is playing fuzzy, fast paced chords with some interesting change ups and a ragged garagey feel.  I've never heard high pitched vocals like this that somehow still managed to sound monotone.  Kind of weird.

Blobs - S/T:

Kharlos - Don't Think About Dying At My Party - This one is kind of interesting.  It's one of the more full sounding recordings from this batch of tapes.  I might be wrong, but I would bet these guys like The Blind Shake.  They're not making the same sort of music really, but I get the sense that on some songs they are aiming for that kind of noisy, but still catchy chaos that Blind Shake does so well.  Then again, parts of this just sound like the singer is trying to be in Jane's Addiction or in a power pop band, so what do I know.  It's alright.

Kharlos - Don't Think About Dying At My Party:

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