Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tenement - 5 Song Cassette


Self Released (2015)

This is actually one of my favorite things that has happened since I started doing this website.  Several months ago, I received a package in the mail from Wisconson.  In it was this tape and a letter from someone that only identified themselves as "BE."  This person wrote that they had recently seen Tenement and they had been selling this cassette.  They picked up two copies and sent the extra to me because they like my website.  Honestly, that's one of the kindest gestures anyone has done since I started doing this thing.  "BE" wasn't looking for anything, they only wanted to share good music.  That's a sentiment I can get behind, so "BE," wherever you are, thank you so much for this cassette.

Unfortunately, the tape ended up getting squirreled away as I was reorganizing some things in the house.  I should have written it up a lot quicker than I've done, but hey, cassettes are small and easy to stack in piles.

As far as the music goes, this tape contains five new Tenement songs that were not on their most recent full length, Predatory Lights.  Will they end up on another release in the future?  I would think so, as there are some pretty great songs here, but Tenement also has something of a reputation for blowing out a ton of songs and not really looking back.  Maybe there will be a third volume of Bruised Music at some point.

Things kick off with the excellent "Everyone to Love You." A ferocious mix of stuttering guitar riffs and melodic vocals.  It's got a huge, huge hook and I only wish it was twice as long as it is.  From there, things settle down a bit as the rest of the songs are slightly lower key, but all are quite catchy and a joy to listen to.  All five songs are straight up rock and roll, leaving some of the more experimental leanings of Predatory Headlights in the rearview.  

Though I'm very happy to own a copy of this cassette, I do hope the band doesn't forget about these songs.  They're all too good to not get the vinyl treatment at some point.  Luckily they have put the songs up to stream on their Bandcamp page so you can give them a listen at least.  And again, thanks "BE" for sending this over.  If there's anything you're on the lookout for, pop me an email and I'll try to return the favor.

Tenement - 5 Song Cassette:

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  1. Nice! Looking forward to hearing this, was just listening to "Predatory Headlights" ...