Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Satellite Go - Kate 7"


33 Forever (2016)

When 33 Forever sent me the new Plow United single a few weeks ago, they also included this 7" by Satellite Go.  I hadn't heard of these guys previously, but this is a pretty good little record.

Throughout the four songs on this 7", Satellite Go craft a quartet of melodic punk rock songs that have a bit of a rootsy side to them.  There are moments where they remind me of bands like Dan Padilla, Nude Beach and Suspicious Beasts.  Vocally, I can also see similarities to the slower moments of Plow United.

The first three songs in particular are great, mixing in the right amount of catchiness in the choruses and earnestness in the vocals.  I'm not as big of a fan of the last song, "Blackout."  The vocals kind of go off the rails toward the end of the song.  But the other three are top notch and really make me interested to hear more from this band.  This is worth picking up if you're into any of the other bands I mentioned.

Satellite Go - Kate 7"

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