Monday, July 30, 2018

Broccoli - In Session 7"


Dink (2016)

I'm trying to make a concerted effort to tackle some of the backlog of records that I've had for a while, but haven't written about on this website yet.  More than half of that backlog is 7"s and since I just bought a house and have way less money than I normally would have to buy records with, now seems like a really good time to work my way through this pile.

I honestly have no clue why it has taken me this long to write up this Broccoli 7".  Broccoli is one of my favorite bands in the entire world and I was so very excited when they announced that they were getting back together for a tour of Japan in 2016.  This 7" was released for that tour and contains songs from 2 radio sessions.  The word 'Peel' is missing from the artwork, though I'm reasonably confident that is the type of session that spawned these recordings.  Hope I haven't alerted some sort of Google search police now that I've strung the words, Peel, Broccoli and session together on the same page.

On the A side, we have two songs from a 1996 session (though the internet contends this was a 1995 session, so maybe I'm incorrrect about what sessions these are?) including "Blue" and "Neglect It." ("Relent" and "Cherry Drop Club" were the other two songs recorded that day, for the curious).  The B side contains two songs from a 1998 session, "Broken" and "Television" ("Constance" and "Fido" rounded out that original recording).

Now all of these songs are incredible and it's especially interesting to hear live versions of them.  In particular, this version of "Neglect It" (which happens to be my favorite Broccoli song), really shines from the energy of the band playing live, with the drums sounding particularly intense.  That said, all of these songs sound great as you'd expect because they're great songs.  I do kind of wish they had done two separate 7"s, each containing the whole session for that year, but I will never not be excited about a new Broccoli record to add to the collection.  Now if only they'd get together again to write some new songs...

Broccoli - In Session 7" (Side One):

Broccoli - In Session 7" (Side Two):

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