Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Deadcuts / Diablo Furs - Split 7" - Purple Vinyl (/250)


Punk Fox / Speedowax (2018)

The first band on this split 7" is Deadcuts.  A band that I really feel like I should be listening to more of, since they feature two members of the mighty Senseless Things.  But every time I've tried to give them a listen, it just hasn't grabbed me like those old Senseless things records do.  I realize it's tough to compare a band releasing music right now to records that that I really love from twenty five years ago, but if I know there's dudes from Senseless things in the band, I go in with a certain set of expectations, fair or not.

So by that measure, the two Deadcuts songs on this split 7" leave me a little flat once again.  I think it's because they're just not pop enough.  Both songs are more goth inspired, Cure sounding affairs with big swirling guitar sounds and raw, dark vocals.  There's just nothing I can sink my teeth into as far as hooks go so once again, I feel like I'm missing something.

In stark contrast are Diablo Furs on the other side of this 7".  This is a band that is nothing but hooks.  I'd reviewed a 7" of theirs a few years ago, but the two songs on this split are infinitely better than what I've previously heard.  "The Pressure Don't Stop" is bouncy with an older 80s mod-ish influence and is essentially a nonstop singalong chorus.  It's simple, but endlessly catchy.  "Hearts In Motion" is a more well rounded pop number with "whoas" in the right place and it drives relentlessly forward with energy and enthusiasm.

So while I don't really care for the two Deadcuts songs on this split, the Diablo Furs songs are definitely keepers.

Deadcuts - "Single":

Deadcuts - "The Less I Want The Less I Need":

Diablo Furs - "Pressure Don't Stop":

Diablo Furs - "Hearts In Motion":

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