Friday, October 4, 2019

Snuff - There's A Lot Of It About LP - Black w/ Splatter Vinyl


Fat Wreck (2019)

Snuff has been one of my favorite bands in the history of the earth for the last several decades.  They've been going since 1986 in one form or another and having a new record from them in 2019 is pretty exciting.  After all, I have a Snuff tattoo and also ran their website for a few years in the late 90s and early 2000s.

In many ways, There's A Lot Of It About is kind of the quintessential post-Demmamussabebonk Snuff album.  Ever since Tweet Tweet My Lovely, there's been things you can count on whenever Snuff puts out a record.  There's always going to be a handful of super catchy, mid tempo pop masterpieces like "Summer's Over," "A Smile Gets A Smile" and "Gyoza." There's a few punchy pop punk blasts like "Kings of the Spanish Oi Scene" and "Bob's Song."  There's a couple of songs with slightly off kilter guitar rhythms like "Dippy Egg" and "Big Shot."  And of course there's always one or two screaming punk hardcore songs.  This time out there's "Kiss My Ring."

There is so much variety in a Snuff album and I always feel like there is a segment of their fanbase that will think each piece is their favorite.  For me, I like a pop song.  Give me something like "Dow Dow Boof Boof" or "Take Me Home" or "Reach" or "Bottom Of The River" and I'm a happy dude.  But I'm positive that there's another section of fan that wants to hear "Who," "Timebomb" and "Fuck Off" even though I'd personally be fine if Snuff dropped that particular song style.  Their ability to appease this wide range of tastes is what's made Snuff so great and so enduring.

There's A Lot Of It About is just as strong as any Snuff record that's come out in the past twenty years.  They are consistent and they are just a great band.  I hope that I keep getting a new Snuff record every few years for the rest of my life.  There's just something so perfect and comfortable about putting their records on the turntable.

Snuff - There's A Lot Of It About:

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  1. The more Snuff songs sounds like Guns n Wankers songs like "Summer's Over" the more I like them.