Friday, February 7, 2020

The Wannadies - Yeah LP - Pink Vinyl


Music On Vinyl (2019, Reissue)

I've recently written about the Wannadies albums Be A Girl and Bagsy Me.  I had picked up reissues of each, even though I already had the original pressings of both.  The reason I ended up buying them was actually because I was also purchasing this Wannadies album Yeah.  This is one that I didn't have on vinyl in any capacity and it was a glaring hole in the collection.  I was even fortunate enough to get the limited pink vinyl version.

While I do like pretty much every Wannadies album, I consider Yeah to be the last of the big three releases of theirs.  It's not as good as Be A Girl or Bagsy Me, I think in party because it's a bit more adventurous than the band typically was.  More risks are taken and there's a lot of extra 'stuff' in many of the songs.  But even with the extracurricular electronic noises, you can't change the fact that few bands on this planet could write hooks as catchy as The Wannadies.

The songs I like the best on Yeah tend to be the most straightforward.  "No Holiday," "Idiot Boy," "Ball" and "Big Fan" stand up to anything in the bands catalog.  In particular, "Big Fan" has one of my favorite choruses that The Wannadies ever put to tape.  While Yeah isn't quite as consistently great as some of the band's other records, the highs are really high and it's always a fun listen.  The band's last album, Before & After, wasn't part of this reissue campaign, but that's OK as I already have the vinyl version of that.  I would be interested in someone reissuing the first two Wannadies albums.  While I don't ever listen to either of them as much as the others, for completist purposes, I'd like to be able to add both to the rest of the collection.

The Wannadies - "Big Fan":

The Wannadies - "Idiot Boy"

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