Monday, February 15, 2021

Night Marchers - Wot's Da Use 7" (/530)


Swami (2021)

Hey it's 2021 and there are two new Night Marchers songs to listen to.  These were both recorded during the Allez Allez session and more than anything, it makes me wonder what else might be lurking in the dark recesses of the Swami archives.  These are both great songs and further cements my opinion that Night Marchers are easily the most overlooked and under-appreciated band that Swami John has been a part of.

A side "Wot's Da Use?" is a a slower tempo song with a beat that reminds me a little bit of "Big In Germany."  It has a scratchy production vibe with a straightforward verse/chorus set up.  What really elevates this song for me are the over the top "Na na na na na na nahs" that punctuate the chorus.  It's gratuitously poppy and catchy but is done in a way that just makes me happy that they are there.

On the B side we have "Dosed."  This one is faster and has main guitar riff that harkens back to the straightforward blasts of some of Reis' work in The Sultans.  But when the chorus hits, it's unmistakably the Night Marchers with the guitar jangle that leads into a pounding punch of guitar and killer backing vocals.  

In a perfect world, I would have Swami John juggling all of his bands, alternating releases every month between Rocket, Hot Snakes, Jehu, Sultans, Night Marchers and his upcoming solo work.  There's no reason for any of these bands to play 'side project' to any of the others.  They're all great and I want more music from all of them.

Night Marchers - Wot's Da Use 7" (YouTube Music full 7" stream):

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