Friday, August 6, 2021

Synthizer - The Light Design Vinyl Records Holder

 So this is an odd post, I guess.  I really never write about anything other than records, but Synthizer reached out to me and sent me one of these record stands to review.  Never one to turn down a free accessory for my records, I said sure, why not.  It arrived and I messed around with it for a bit.

It's a simple set up with only 5 parts.  The little acrylic piece is meant to go into whichever slot the larger piece is not in, so you have 2 options, 1 that holds about 50 records and one that holds about 25 of them.

The entire stand is held together by the notches on the wooden backing flat piece.  The 2 legs just notch into that.

For the most part, it is sturdy and well constructed.  Though, I do wish that the large acrylic piece had 2 notches so it sat more flush and stable when inserted.  It's not in imminent danger of falling out or anything but I think it would add some stability.

Once you put in the records, they are held and you can flip through them as if you are digging through bins at a record store.

Now, if you are someone like me, this is a completely impractical way to store records.  For starters, I have thousands of them and this only holds 50.  But I also have cats.  So if I leave these tempting cardboard spines unattended and out in the wild, they wouldn't survive an hour.

But, this does have a lot of potential as a 'Now Playing' stand for when I grab a handful of records to play.  The only issue for me, is that the stand was a bit too long to fit where I would need it.  Plus, I don't need space for 50 records that I'm playing now.

So, I decided DIY hack this thing.  I took the legs outside and sawed off from just before the middle notches to the end.  This gave me significantly shorter legs.

Now, I can put the larger acrylic piece in and I have a little display stand that can hold just the right amount of records if I want to go on an afternoon binge.  And it fits perfectly where I needed to put it.

All in all, I think this is a useful little gadget.  If I was shopping for one, I'd probably be looking for a shorter one like what I ended up hacking, but it's a quality piece of gear and definitely has its uses.  Long term storage for a large collection isn't one of those uses, but as a display stand, it's pretty great after some minor modification.

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