Friday, September 30, 2022

Beck - Live at KAOS Olympia Community Radio LP


DOL (2016)

This is a vinyl bootleg of a Beck radio show bootleg that's been floating around for a really long time.  It documents an on air performance from 1994 at KAOS, a radio station in Olympia, WA.  It focuses on songs from the One Foot In The Grave era, but leans harder into some of the more lighthearted ones of that time.  Mostly ones that ended up on the cutting room floor for that record (but many were eventually released on the 2xLP special edition version of One Foot In The Grave that came out in 2009).

What has always amused me about this particular recording is that it starts right in the middle of the song "Mattress."  It's amazing to me that nearly thirty years later, a complete version of this session hasn't surfaced and we're still listening to one that's missing half a song (at least, who knows what happened before he played "Mattress").  The session is a blast with rough versions of future classics like "Painted Eyelids" and "Totally Confused."  But it's some of the really odd ones like "Johnny Depp," "Beck Will Die" and "Your Love Is Weird" that really make it special for me.

This LP sounds pretty good for the most part.  It's not outrageously high quality, but it gets the job done.  But what's really confusing to me is that it leaves off the last song from the session, "New Age Blowjob" (an early version of "Bogusflow").  I have no idea why it's not on here, there's only three songs on the B side, so there was definitely room.  It's an omission I find annoying, but I am happy to at least have something on vinyl.

I wish there were more of these sort of LPs, bootlegs or not.  In particular the first three Beck sessions at KCRW are so much fun and having nice LPs of those to replace the bootleg tapes and MP3s I've had for a thousand years would be quite excellent.

Beck - Live at KAOS Olympia Community Radio:

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