Friday, June 9, 2023

CC Voltage - Berliner Pilsner 7"


Snap! (2023)

This two song 7" from CC Voltage was concocted in part as an entry into a beer-based songwriting contest.  Seriously.  The A-side "Berliner Pilsner" was originally written to enter a contest sponsored by the beer of the same name.  And it someways it shows.  It's a saccharine-sweet, catchy pop tune, with all of the hallmarks of an advertising jingle.  Now, that's not to say it doesn't stand on its own as a fun song, but you can certainly hear how it leans into the fun cheese.  

the B Side, "Bummer Party" doesn't seem to have any brand affiliations, but still keeps the catchy choruses coming.  It's not quite as poppy and slick as "Berliner," but it has a sing along atmosphere, though perhaps a bit tougher and ever so slightly darker.  It's got an older school scum-rock vibe to it, being a little glammier than a straight up garage blast.

All in, a solid little 7".  I'd be curious to hear what did win that beer contest, because I can't imagine it was more fun than this.  Maybe it's time for CC Voltage to ply their wares to other beverages.  I see a ton of Twisted Tea commercials during wrestling that could use some new music.

CC Voltage - Berliner Pilsner:

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