Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fleshy Mounds - You're Welcome Cassette


More Power (2014)

Let me start off by saying that I'm very grateful to anyone that takes the time to send me something to listen to and review on this website.  It's nice to think (even if I'm just fooling myself) that someone would care about my opinion of a record.  It's also nice to get the occasional free record.  I don't get a lot of people sending me things to review, but considering how I go on and on about how I don't like cassettes, it's remarkable how many tapes I get sent versus those that send me a slab of vinyl to review.  

When this Fleshy Mounds tape came in the mail, I was skeptical.  The artwork and band name made me think it might not be my cup of tea, but hey you never know.  When I popped this guy on, I was floored.  I haven't purposefully listened to something this bad in a while.  Fleshy Mounds sound like every terrible high school VFW hall punk band you've ever heard in your life.  The singer is just shouting and rambling incoherently.  I bet he thrashes around with much fervor when playing live.  The guitar is barely noticeable as the bulk of the music is built around simple bass and a drummer that I can only assume has not been playing all that long.

The songs are slow and sludgy, never really going anywhere.  I don't think any of the songs had a chorus, every one plods along in one direction daring you to continue to listen.  It's like a game of chicken, can you really sit through this whole thing? Luckily it's only 5 songs, so I made it through; but I came out worse on the other side having accepted this challenge.  Again, I appreciate everyone who sends me something to review, but I'm trying to put myself in the head of whoever sent this to me thinking 'yeah, I bet Tim will like that..."

Fleshy Mounds - You're Welcome:

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