Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jet Black - In Paradox LP


Self Released (2014)

I'm now on a mad scramble to get in all of my reviews for 2014 records in time for my end of the year wrap up.  I feel like there's way more November and December releases this year than usual and I'm typically a real stickler for counting December releases on the year end list.  So the point is, get me that Stay Clean Jolene record as soon as possible!

On to the matter at hand. Jet Black is a band from Quebec that came into my view with their 2011 album Escape Measures.  I was pretty thrilled when the band got in touch with me and offered to send me a copy of their new album In Paradox.  As I've mentioned in the past, I don't get a lot of records sent to me, so I'm always grateful when someone takes the time to pass one along.  But to get an album this good is an extra treat.

In Paradox has a similar feeling as the bands' debut.  They're very much inspired by the lush guitar sounds of the 90's.  You can hear a bit of Swervedriver here and there.  But particularly striking to me this time out is the similarity I hear to later era, slowed down Doughboys.  I love the Doughboys, so rest assured that is the sort of comparison that should absolutely be taken as a compliment.  

Jet Black never really pulls the trigger to start blasting through any of their songs fast.  They always keep a reserved tempo.  Sometimes this could play against a band as it might stifle a hook or a catchy chorus, but Jet Black manages to pull it off in a way that makes it seem like they're a dam ready to burst.  It keeps the music full of energy and gives the album a powerful vibe that builds from song to song.

It's a latecomer in 2014, but I'm sure you can tell from this review that I'm going to have to make room in my 2014 list for these guys.  Next year, can everyone who plans on putting out a really great record just make sure their album is ready by late October?  

Jet Black - In Paradox LP:

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