Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fadeaways / The Pine Hill Haints - Split 7"


Snuffy Smiles (2014)

I'm always happy to pop a new 7" from Snuffy Smiles on the turntable, though I must admit I ended up being a little surprised about this one.  It's still very good, but I think I'm just used to there being a bit more pop-punk in my Snuffy Smiles bands.

The Fadeways are lo fi and kind of garage-y, but the songs still have those hooks that I so desperately need.   The first two songs are very good, even if they may not be my all time favorite Snuff Smile band.  The third song, however is a little bit annoying.  Despite it's upbeat and bouncy main riff, "My Little Bird" has the weirdest, distorted guitar noise layered over top of virtually the entire song.  I can't say I'm a fan of that move.

The Pine Hill Haints take a different approach.  The first song is somewhat subdued, but it has a cool surf rock vibe with lots of reverb.  Track two, "Wanderin Star," is not as surfy, but still harkens back to bands from the 60's.  It has an almost Herman's Hermits simplicity about it, but one of the slower Hermits songs.  This isn't a "Henry The 8th" style rocker.  Like The Fadeaways on the other side of the record, Pine Hill Haints get a little weird on their third entry "Full Moon Pie." It's slow and totally blown out. 

Like I said earlier, this was kind of an odd 7" for Snuffy Smiles.  While I do like parts of it and I'd be curious to hear more of each band, I can't give it my usual unconditional recommendation.  Although I wasn't able to find anything, you may want to try to check out some songs first before you just grab it.  Unless you're like me and need to own every 7" that Snuffy Smiles has ever released.

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